Why we loved Bloody Heart? Why we loved Bloody Heart?

Why you must watch Bloody Heart? Here are the reasons not to miss this new drama

Bloody Heart will be a new historical K-Drama that you cannot miss and here we tell you the reasons to watch it

A new drama has premiered and you need it on your watchlist, so here are the reasons why you should watch 'Bloody Heart'.

South Korean television stations are constantly working on new series so that fans of Korean dramas have much more to enjoy in each new episode and installment. This is how we have more and more releases every month and many of those K-Dramas become fan favorites quickly.

Like every month, new dramas have been released and there are many that have managed to catch the attention of the public even with their first episode. And this May 2nd at 9:30 PM KST, 'Bloody Heart' premiered, a new drama that already captivated the public with its first broadcast.

Bloody Heart will have two weekly episodes on Monday and Tuesday, the television network that is responsible for broadcasting this K-Drama is KBS2 and it is a historical plot with political overtones that many fans of South Korean series have found quite interesting since the revelation of this new drama.

And here we have many more reasons why you should watch 'Bloody Heart', don't miss the premiere of new episodes  of this K-Drama every week that will better develop its plot and characters.

4 reasons why you should watch the new K-Drama Bloody Heart

1. The plot

This is a historical K-Drama about a man who takes the throne and then his son must be de monarch too. But when this happens, there's someone else who doesn't like his way he runs the dynasty and he'll opone to his kingdom. What will happen with this fight of powers?

Bloody Heart | Twitter: @aboutkhanna

Bloody Heart has an interesting plot which makes us want to watch it. 

2. The cast

The cast of 'Bloody Heart' is full of great talents, Lee Joon is one of the main actors for this drama, he has acted before on 'Bulgasal: Immortal Soul' or 'The Silent Sea'. We can see also Kang Han Na from 'My Roommate is a Gumiho' and 'Start-Up', Jang Hyuk from 'Tell Me What You Saw' and 'Wok of Love'. There are a lot of actors too like Park Ji Yeon, Heo Sung Tae and Choi Ri.

Bloody Heart's cast | Twitter: @theseoulstory

3. The characters

Each actor has a different role and the characters of the drama are interesting. Jang Hyuk is Park Gye Won, the first vice-premier and the real head of power in the dinasty supported by  Park Ji Yeon as Choi Ga Yeon. Meanwhile, Heo Sung Tae plays minister of war Jo Won Pyo who has agreat political power.

The characters of Bloody Heart | Twitter: @leepokseu

4. The narrative of the characters

'Bloody Heart' has different points of view, and it will develop the narratives of different characters during the episodes, that's why it's more and more interesting. You'll find diferent stories and more behind every character.

So for all this, we recommend 'Bloody Heart', a great story that everyone should see and not miss.

And speaking about new dramas, Taecyeon might be on a new one and it's based on a zombie webtoon, what will it be about? 

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