Who are TWICE's rappers? Who are TWICE's rappers?

Who raps in TWICE? These members make up the group's rap line

Who are the rappers of TWICE? These artists give a unique touch to each song of the girl group

Each member of TWICE has a different specialty and the idol group has excellent female rappers who have conquered ONCE, who are they?

TWICE is one of the most popular K-Pop groups, the 9 girls that make up this group have created a perfect and striking formula for many fans of the musical genre. The domain of this group that does not stop shining with their songs and performances is getting bigger and bigger.

The clear sign is in ONCE, the TWICE fandom that always shows its love and support for the idols in each comeback or project they have. Each one specializes in something different, although they have all been excellent singers, dancers and even models who have stood out on magazine covers.

There is much we can admire about the members of TWICE, too, each one fulfills a role within the group, there are great vocalists, excellent dancers and agile rappers with great style who combine their skills and talents to put a stop to the name of this girl group.

But who are the rappers of TWICE? Meet the rap line of the girl group that puts a unique style to each of their songs.

These are the rappers of TWICE, the girls who make up its rap line

1. Dahyun

Dahyun is one of the rappers in TWICE, who has also worked as a songwriter for her group. This artist has a very interesting flow for her fans because she not only has agile verses, but also a very cute voice.

Dahyun is a TWICE's rapper | Twitter: @Sadatzuyu

2. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung's rapping is simply sensational, this artist has also written songs for TWICE and has such a creative mind that she doesn't just limit herself to music. Chaeyoung even designed the logo for her idol group.

Chaeyoung is a part of TWICE's rap line | Twitter: @oncetwicebrasil

3. Momo

Momo is not only an amazing dancer in TWICE, she is also one of the rappers in the girl group, her style is unique and fast, we love listening to her rapping.

Momo | Twitter: @oncetwicebrasil

They are the rappers of TWICE, who is your favorite? They all have a unique essence and style that ONCE simply loves.

Keep reading more about TWICE and its members, like Nayeon whi is probably going to debut as a solo artist.

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