BLACKPINK members' dating history BLACKPINK members' dating history

Who have BLACKPINK members dated? Get to know their dating history

Do BLACKPINK members have a boyfriend? Get to know everything about the guys these idols have dated before

Who wouldn't love to date BLACKPINK members? Well, some lucky guys have done this before, do you want to know the dating history of these artists?

BLACKPINK has a lot of fans who love these idols for their music and performances. That's the first thing that fans tend to notice about the idol group and which makes a lot of people become a fan to show all og their love and support for this artists.

But we can admire a lot more about these girls, Jisoo, Jennie. Rosé and Lisa have a lot of features that make them amazing as idols and as humans. We can highlight their personalities, they're always sweet and nice to fans and more people that tends to be around them.

And we can also talk about the beauty of these idols, they are all very pretty and make BLINK have high standards now they stole the fans' hearts. So it would be amazing for them to date these idols, give them the best and hang out with them everytime.

But only some guys have been lucky enough to date BLACKPINK members, how is the dating history of these idols? Get to know everything about it.

Who has dated BLACKPINK members? This is the idols' dating history

1. Jisoo

Jisoo has not even a dating rumor some fans think that she actually hasn't dated before, but maybe it's that she's good at hiding her secrets. Anyways, publicly it has never been known that she has a boyfriend or is dating someone.

Jisoo's dating history | Twitter: @Jisoo_Bpstan

2. Jennie

Actually Jennie has had some dating rumors and even a relationship confirmed, she used to date EXO's Kai but as the romance became public, the pressure from the fans was fatal and both idols ended up leaving the relationship. There were also rumors about her dating G-Dragon, these have been around for years but haven't really been confirmed.

Jennie's dating rumors and relationships | Twitter: @WORLDMUSICAWARD

3. Rosé

Rosé has never had dating rumors and no confirmed relationships. Maybe she really hasn't had a boyfriend or she's been so secretive about it that no information was ever leaked.

Rosé doesn't have dating rumors | Twitter: @pannkpop

4. Lisa

Lisa is often shipped with many other idols, Jungkook, BamBam and more, but the truth is that this is just fan work and no dates have been confirmed. In addition, she once detailed that her ideal type is older men. Lalisa does not have any confirmed dating or relationship rumors as of yet.

Lisa hasn't dated before publicly | Twitter: @MusicMundial

We don't know at all if BLACKPINK members are dating or not, some fans rather respect their privacy and leave them be if they want to date. But some others got really mad that time when Jennie and Kai were dating.

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