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Who has a pet in BTS? Meet their furry friends

Do you know the pets of the members of BTS? Some of them have their faithful companions at home

The most tender side of the members of BTS is visible when they share time with their pets, who of them has an animal friend at home?

BTS is not only a K-Pop group dedicated to music, the members that are part of this group are much more than that and they definitely show it both on stage and off it. In many contents we can know the personalities of these idols with which they also conquer their fans.

And it is that the way of being of the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan is quite beautiful, they all have a good heart and it shows in many of their actions, supporting causes for those who need it most, giving great examples to ARMY and also words to encourage their fans in the most difficult moments.

Although the sweetest side of these artists can be found with their pets, they have sweet companions who have become part of their family. Bangtan Boys fans know the boy band's furry friends very well and the fandom loves them as much as they love these idols.

If you still do not know the BTS pets, here we present them to you, these little animals brighten the days of the members of the idol group and also make ARMY happy.

Meet the pets of each BTS member

1. RM

RM has an American Eskimo dog named Rapmon, on several occasions the BTS leader has shown photos of this pet that currently lives with Namjoon's parents.

RM and Rapmon | Twitter: @btsthroughyears

2. Jin

Jin has actually had several pets, a Maltese dog named Jjangu, and two sugar gliders named Odeng, Eomuk. These 3 of his pets passed away, sadly but he still has another sugar glider named Gokmul.

Jin anf Gokmul | Twitter: @BTS_twt

3. Suga

Holly is Suga's puppy, a small brown poodle that has conquered ARMY, this furry friend lives with the BTS rapper's family.

Suga's dog | Twitter: @7btsupdates

4. J-Hope

J-Hope has a Shih Tzu named Mickey, he and his sister sometimes share a lot about this cute pet.

Mickey is J-Hope's dog | Twitter: @BTSWeverseTrans

5. Taehyung

Every ARMY knows Taehyung's pet, it's about Yeontan, he's a Pomeranian and fans love him, there are even those who have found him on the street.

V and Yeontan | Twitter: @LongLand9

6. Jungkook

Jungkook introduced Bam, a brown Doberman dog whom he has been taking very good care of, on BTS In The Soop. Previously we also met Gureum, a Maltese puppy who recently passed away due to his old age.

Bam and Jungkook | Twitter: @randomjungkook

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