BLACKPINK members' families BLACKPINK members' families

Who are the siblings of BLACKPINK members? Meet the idols' families

Do all BLACKPINK members have siblings? Here we tell you how the families of these artists are made up

Perhaps the first BLINKs in the world were the relatives of the BLACKPINK members, get to know more about their siblings and families.

BLACKPINK is an amazing K-Pop group, its members are in charge of working together to achieve success as the great team they are. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have created a perfect formula that manages to make millions of fans fall in love around the world.

We can highlight and admire a lot of characteristics of these idols, their ways of singing or rapping, their presence on stage, the synchronization in their choreography and much more. Besides that they also have other skills, like Jisoo, a great actress. Or Rosé who knows how to play some musical instruments.

BLINK may already know all this because the BP fandom is in charge of collecting a lot of information about the members of the group, it is easy to know more about them through their dedicated fans who research a lot about their favorite artists.

Do you know the BLACKPINK siblings? Here we tell you what the idols' families are made up of and more, keep reading to get to know them.

This is what BLACKPINK families are like, do all these idols have siblings?

1. Jisoo

Jisoo has her mom and dad in the family, she is also the youngest of her siblings as she has an older sister, Kim Jiyoon, and an older brother, Kim Jung Hun. Her sister already has children so the BLACKPINK idol is an aunt.

Jisoo and her sister | Twitter: @justforsooya

2. Jennie

Jennie in her family has her father and her mother, but she is an only child so she doesn't have any siblings.

Jennie and her mom | Twitter: @rodulces

3. Rosé

Rosé's family consists of her father, her mother, and an older sister named Alice. They have always supported her and she shows them her love and gratitude at all times.

Rosé and her sister | Twitter: @rstrends_

4. Lisa

Lisa is an only child, her mother and stepfather raised her and always supported her dreams. To date, even her aunt meets with the idol's parents at BLACKPINK concerts.

Lisa and her mom | Twitter: @Bliiiink4

Now you know the families of BLACKPINK, not all idols have siblings but all the support of their loved ones, isn't that the most beautiful thing?

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