Zico and RM Zico and RM

Who are the best K-Pop rappers? These artists have the most incredible flow

Are you looking for the best rappers? The Korean industry has too much to offer you. These talented men will let your jaw drop.

As you may know,  the K-Pop Idols spent a lot of time training before their debut. As result, these artists can perform with unbelievable perfection.

Here you'll find some of the best rappers in the Korean industry. Are you ready for hip hop? The fastest raps of the town are coming!

The greatest K-Pop rappers


Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han are the rappers and producers of STRAY KIDS. Their talent is not a joke! They are conquering the public with their fierce style.


Now let's talk about legends. G-Dragon and T.O.P have long careers and we have seen them trying too many genres with their raps. No matter if they drop music as a duet, as BIGBANG, or with solo projects, these super rappers are always on point.


YG Entertainment knows how to debut amazing rappers. WINNER's Mino and Bobby from IKON have an insane flow.

4. BTS - Rap Line

The rappers of BTS stand out because of their creativity. The lyrics of Suga, RM, and J-Hope are very versatile. Again we are in front of artists that also have amazing solo music.

5. Zico

Zico, the former member of BlockB, has a massive not just because of his rap, but for his talent as a producer. This musician just drops masterpieces. Everyone loves Any Song!

Some too many other Korean rappers could be on this list. Do you have a favorite?

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