Do GOT7 members have tattoos? Do GOT7 members have tattoos?

Which members of GOT7 have tattoos? They inked their skin with these ones

Many idols have tattoos as part of their style, which GOT7 members have designs that will last forever?

The members of GOT7 have always been characterized by having their own original style that they also show it through their tattoos, which idols of the group are tattooed?

GOT7 is a group of 7 members who have shown great talents and skills in music. Both as a group and as soloists, the idols of this boy band shine thanks to their own songs, rhythms and choreographies with which they completely make their fans fall in love.

AHGASE has not only supported GOT7 idols as a group, but also in their solo projects where they express more of their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and true selves through music. There is much we can admire from these artists who stand out in the industry.

Something that many fans love about the members of the group is the style of each one of them, fashion and K-Pop are almost always hand in hand and even members like Jackson Wang take this a step further since he has his own clothing brand. On the other hand, the original style of these artists is also reflected in their tattoos.

Which GOT7 members have tattoos? These idols have expressed themselves with designs that they will wear on their skin in ink forever.

Who in GOT7 is tattooed? These idols added ink to their styles

1. Mark

Mark has different tattoos on various parts of his body, such as on his arms, legs, and even behind his ear. Some designs are phrases with great meaning for him, Roman numeral, a cross with roses and even a happy face.

Mark's tattoos | Twitter: @ahgasession

2. BamBam

BamBam also decided to add tattoos to his look, getting his ribs, arms and even a foot tattooed. He has the word 'KING', his year of birth, an artistic face design, a microphone, among others.

BamBam with his tattoos | Twitter: @cherrychihoon

3. Jackson

Some time ago, Jackson revealed some of his tattoos, he decided to capture the dates of birth of his parents with the animal that represents the years of both, he also has some others of great importance to him such as the logo of the Olympic games, the achievement of his team, 'TEAM WANG', among others.

Jackson Wang's tattoos | Twitter: @JacksonWGlobal_

4. Yugyeom

GOT7's maknae Yugyeom decided to get tattoos too, he has one with the word 'Truth', phrases like 'Trust Me' and 'I'm not like that', a lotus flower, among others.

These are Yugyeom's tattoos | Twitter: @jbdefsyg

5. Youngjae

Youngjae has a tattoo in Greek and another with a cause, as he has a bow in commemoration of the Sewol ferry disaster. He also has another one in his ribs.

Youngjae's tattoos | Twitter: @grayc3_

Would you be inspired by the tattoos of the GOT7 members to make your own? Their designs are amazing and very original, plus they carry important things for each of them.

 And speaking of tattoos, here we tell you everything about Jungkook from BTS and their meanings.

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