Which TWICE members are japanese? Which TWICE members are japanese?

Which TWICE members are from Japan? They traveled to become stars

TWICE has international talents in its line-up, and some of the members from this idol group are japanese

TWICE reunited the talents and skills fo 9 different idols, each one of them has a great story to tell and their origins might tell us even more about them. Who from this girl group was born in Japan?

The great abilities from TWICE members show the world how talented, dedicated and passionate they're. With their best songs and amazing performances, these idols conquered a lot of fans who show their unconditional love and support for the band.

9 idols are part of TWICE and each one has different abilities, stories and origins that could be far apart, but they were finally united by fate and JYP Entertainment. Thus they created a perfect formula for the studio and the stage, all of them can rule the world together.

And as you might know, there are K-Pop agencies that are not limited to scouting for talent only in South Korea. These companies tend to hold auditions in different parts of the world to find really talented people and turn them into stars. That's how they find great artists outside Korea.

Some TWICE members came from different parts of the world to be part of the group and present all their skills and talents to the public, which of these girls are from Japan?

These members from TWICE are japanese, they came all the way from Japan

1. Momo

Hirai Momo is the real name of this idol who was born in November 9th, 1996 in Kyoto, Japan, she traveled to Korea so she could became an idol. Her speciality is dancing but she's an amazing singer too.

Momo is japanese | Twitter: @ilytwicetagram

2. Sana

Sana was born in December 29, 1996 in Osaka, Japan, she's best friends with Momo maybe 'cause both are japanese; she's also an amazing dancer and her sweet voice gives a great feeling in every TWICE song.

Sana was born in Japan | Twitter: @onceblink_alex

3. Mina

Mina is considered as a part of Japan line in TWICE, but she wasn't born in Japan, she has japanese origins and lived in the country during her childhood.

Mina has japanese origins | Twitter: @minarihourly

Now you know TWICE's japanese line, this girls have a lot of talents that show in every comeback and performance.

We have a quiz for you, you'll find out who from TWICE is your soulmate, take the chance and discover her.  

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