BTS' songs in English BTS' songs in English

Which BTS songs are in English? These tracks conquered the world

Even if BTS' Korean songs attracted a lot of fans, their English tracks conquered the most important charts in music

BTS has released songs in Korean, Japanese and English, which are their English songs? These tracks took over music industry internationally.

Even if BTS is a South Korean group, they have released songs in other languages. But Korean tracks were the first ones to get the attetion of fans all over the world. Then, as Bangtan became so popular in Japan, the idol group released versions of their songs in Japanese and some other original tracks in said language.

But Bangtan Sonyeondan wanted to get to a bigger market, and that's why the idol group also released songs in English. Even if for fans it doesn't matter if they don't know how to speak Korean, they love every track from Bangtan's discography.

For Bangtan Boys fans, the language doesn't really matter as long as they can show their love and support for the boy band.  ARMY is a fandom that spans the entire planet and we are sure that there is no country where there is not at least one follower of this great K-Pop group.

Anyway, BTS has released English songs as well, in order to not only reach another market as mentioned above, but also give ARMY from all over the world such a cool gift.  Do you know what are the Bangtan songs in English?

These are all the songs that BTS has released in English

1. Dynamite

'Dynamite' was BTS' first song entirely in English, this was first released as a single in 2020. The idol group released an MV for this composition that achieved great records for the K-Pop group since its premiere.

2. Butter

BTS' second single in English was 'Butter', fans were eagerly waiting for this song that was released in May 2021. Butter reached records never seen before, surpassed the group's previous single in English and took Billboard charts like no other song. .  It also got a lot of awards.

3. Permission To Dance

BTS' third song in English is 'Permission To Dance', this track was on the same single as 'Butter', its music video was released and it also reached #1 on Billboard and many other charts as well as continuing to break records for the group.

These have been the songs that BTS has released in English, perhaps there are not so many but they have conquered a much larger audience.  All these tracks triumphed on the radio and music charts in many countries and continue to be a success for Bangtan.

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