Meet BTS' Vocal Line Meet BTS' Vocal Line

Which BTS members make up the Vocal Line? They are its vocalists

Who are the vocalists of BTS? The K-Pop group has excellent singers who give each song a special touch.

BTS has excellent artists in its lineup and some of them perform as vocalists especially, who are part of its Vocal Line?

The members of BTS are extremely dedicated artists who are passionate about music and their work. They really have a lot of musical skills, but they also put all their efforts to make the songs and performances as amazing as the ones they always present to the public.

The combination of the talents of the Bangtan Boys has become a perfect formula and perhaps it is what has given the idol group more popularity and relevance. Bangtan's teamwork is simply amazing and has always been shown in every comeback, concert or show.

Among the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan we find complete artists, and although their rappers are super agile in their verses, they have also shown to have a melodic voice that does not necessarily always have to be fast and strong. In addition, the group also has exceptional dancers that we can't help but admire every time they step on stage.

But if we talk about the vocalists of BTS, do you know who they are? Here we introduce you to the Vocal Line of this idol group with singers who give each Bangtan song a personal stamp.

They are the vocalists of BTS that make up their Vocal Line

1. Jin

Jin is one of the members of BTS who serves as the group's vocalist and therefore is within the Vocal Line. His voice type is natural light tenor and he has the widest voice range within the idol group, his voice also has a certain strength that gives an incredible essence to each song.

2. Jimin

Another member of the BTS Vocal Line is Jimin, who is not only an amazing dancer, but also as a singer he has captivated ARMY. His voice type is Counter Tenor with ranges like alto/mezzo-soprano.

3. Taehyung

Taehyung is also part of the Vocal Line of this idol group, his work as a soloist shows us a little more of his purest talent, but in a Bangtan song he also stands out. Her voice type is lyric baritone, sometimes we can hear it in different ways like husky, deep, sometimes rough, warm, thick and soulful.

4. Jungkook

BTS' maknae is also a vocalist in the group, Jungkook is extremely talented and his voice is so amazing that it really surprises ARMY in each song of the group. He has a tenor type of voice with a soft falsetto.

This is the Vocal Line of BTS, with amazing vocalists who never fail to amaze their fans with each of their songs.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, did you know that they might have a friendship tattoo that we won't see? 

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