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What's STRAY KIDS members favorite perfume?

The members of STRAY KIDS have revealed their favorite scents. Do you want to know how they smell?

STRAY KIDS is living a great moment for their careers. The group's latest album "ODDINARY" broke tons of records on sales and in the worldwide charts.

Recently it was revealed the boy group will be playing in North America with their tour "MANIAC". While they're preparing the concerts, they are also working in a special collaboration with a perfume brand.

STRAY KIDS reveals their favorite scents

For the collaboration between STRAY KIDS and the perfume brand CLEAN, the members were on the cover of the magazine 1st Look.

The guys confess what scent they prefer. We are telling you their choices.

1. Bang Chan


  • Top Notes: Deway Melon and daffodil
  • Heart Notes: Daisy and water lily
  • Base Notes: Musk
Bang Chan for 1st Look / By @skzstartline

2. Hyunjin


  • Top Notes: Citrus of bergamot, lemon peel and green apple.
  • Heart Notes: Mint, mimosa and cotton flower
  • Base Notes:  White musk, peach and amber.
Hyunjin for 1st Look / By @skzstartline

3. Felix


  • Top Notes: Citruses and Lemon Verbana.
  • Heart Notes: Fruits, Orange Blossom and Sea notes.
  • Base Notes:  Fern, Amber and Musk.
Felix for 1st Look / By @skzinfoesp

4. Seungmin


  • Top Notes: Lavender
  • Heart Notes: White musk and citrus
  • Base Notes: Bergamot.
Seungmin for 1st Look / @skzinfoesp

5. I.N


  • Top Notes: Orange, lime and grass.
  • Heart Notes: Rose and jasmine.
  • Base Notes: Heliotrope, woody notes and musk.
I.N for 1st Look / @skzstartline

The rest of the members favorite scent will be revealed in the next day. Look forward to it!

Which perfume do you want to use?

Meanwhile read what STRAY KIDS said about their friendship, it will make you love them even more. 

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