These are BTS' favorite perfumes These are BTS' favorite perfumes

What's BTS' members favorite perfume? These are the fragances they wear

A lot of fans wonder how do BTS' members smell like, they have their own essence thanks to these perfumes

Wouldn't it be great to hug BTS' members? Maybe, in that way you'd smell like them and their memory will stay with you for a really long time. If want to know what kind of perfumes do these idols use then keep reading 'cause we will tell you everything about their favorite fragances.

ARMY know everything about BTS, every fun fact and moment in the life of the boy band is public, so fans find out a lot about these idols, since they tend to document a lot for their followers, on interviews, DVDs, behind the escenes and and other contents.

That's how fans all over the world get to know a lot of things about Bangtan Sonyeondan and its members, they love to show a lot of things about themselves with their fans, like their hobbies, interests, their favorite music, food; sometimes Bangtan Boys would give some recommendations for their fans.

And maybe one of those things that ARMY might love to know is how do the BTS' idols smell like, in a good way, of course. Just by seeing them we might imagine how their perfumes would smell like, even if it's a fact that not a lot of people would confirm.

But, the idols from BTS confessed which are they favorite perfumes, so you can have a better idea about their essence and fragances.

These are the perfumes that BTS' members wear, how do they smell like?

1. Jungkook

Jungkook likes the perfume Omnia Paraiba by Bvlgari, which is a floral-fruity fragrance based on orange, gardenia and passionflower, inspired by Tourmaline from Brazil. Even if this perfume is mainly aimed for women, the Golden Maknae proves that this fragance has no gender.

Jungkook's perfume | Twitter: @jjklve

2. Taehyung

Taehyung doesn't like perfumes at all, but he uses the cream Aveeno Stress Relief which smells like lavender, ylang-ylang, and chamomile so, he wears it and smell with these different essences.

Taehyung's scented cream | Twitter: @taejinpictures

3. Jimin

Jimin loves Orange Blossom by Jo Malone, it's a delicate citrus fragrance with notes of clementine, orange blossom, iris, vetiver and water lilies. It feels like a very fresh fragance.

Jimin's favorite perfume | Twitter: @9510137S

4. Suga

Suga wears the perfume Invictus by Paco Rabbane, which is a fresh but intense fragrance with notes of wood, patchouli and amber. It seems to be a very mainly essence.

Suga's favorite essence | Twitter: @9510137S

5. J-Hope

Terre D’Hermes by Hermes is the perfume choosen by J-Hope, this idols wears a woody fragrance with notes of Atlas cedar, rose berries and neroli. It seems like a strong and powerful perfume.

Hobi wears this perfume | Twitter: @9510137S

6. Jin

Jin loves Philosykos by Diptyque, so he smells like a soft and natural unisex fragrance made from fig leaves, white cedar wood and a little bit of coconut. It's a pretty delicate perfume.

Jin's perfume | Twitter: @9510137S

7. RM

RM confessed that he is not a fan of strong scents, so he doesn't wear perfumes or anything like that. So, the essence of BTS' leader remains as a mistery for ARMY.

RM won't wear perfume | Twitter: @9510137S

Now you have an idea of how BTS' members smell like, would you buy any of these perfumes just to get to know more about the idols?

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