These are the perfumes that BLACKPINK members wear These are the perfumes that BLACKPINK members wear

What's BLACKPINK members favorite perfume? Each one has her own essence

What perfumes do the members of BLACKPINK use? These are their favorite fragrances that give them a personal and unique essence

BLACKPINK idols will not only make you fall in love with their music and talents, but also with their beautiful aroma which is enhanced when they wear their favorite perfumes.

BLACKPINK has conquered the world with their music, four idols came together to present the best of themselves in the studio and on stage. Thanks to the songs of this girl group, a lot of fans have decided to join the great fandom that is in charge of supporting them and showing them all their love.

BLINK never stops supporting and loving BP, in every comeback, project and other releases, these artists have the full support of their fans. In addition, the fanbase loves to have various content from the members of the band, such as documentaries, interviews, behind the scenes, vlogs and much more that allows them to get to know each one of the girls in the group better.

There are a lot of fun facts, stories, anecdotes and much more that BLINK can get know thanks to the idols who sharing a lot of themselves for fans. Every fan loves to know all the secrets behind each artist and feel close to them with all the knowledge of him.

Have you ever thought what do BLACKPINK members smell like? Find out what their favorite perfumes are, each one has a favorite fragrance that gives their essences a more personal stamp.

These are BLACKPINK members' favorite perfumes

1. Jisoo

Jisoo loves Rose N' Roses by Miss Dior which is a floral fragrance with essence of Grasse and Damascus rose, notes of white musk, geranium, bergamot and Italian mandarin.

Jisoo's favorite perfume | Twitter: @BPGlobalNews

2. Jennie

Paris-Deauville by CHANEL is the best perfume for Jennie, this BLACKPINK idol loves this one which is a unisex fragrance with notes of basil, Silician orange, lime, bergamot, hedonia, jasmine, rose and patchouli.

This is Jennie's favorite fragrance | Twitter: @BPGlobalNews

3. Rosé

Rosé love Le Labo by 28 Citron, this is a perfume which smells like jasmine, musk, cedar, lemon and ginger, it seems to be a pretty aroma which fits this idol very well.

Rosé Love Le Labo by 28 Citron | Twitter: @BPGlobalNews

4. Lisa

Lisa likes Black Tie by Celine, a is a unisex woody perfume with notes of vanilla, musk, moss, cedar and white iris butter. This idol has promoted this perfume before since she is an ambassador for Celine.

Lisa's favorite perfume | Twitter: @BPGlobalNews

Now you know which perfumes do the BLACKPINK members love and this is what they smell like.

Keep reading about BLACKPINK and its members, we tell you if these idols speak English fluently. 

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