BTS' Jimin tattoos BTS' Jimin tattoos

What tattoos does Jimin have? These are the desings on his skin

Did you know that Jimin has tattoos? What are the desings that the idol has on his skin?

BTS' Jimin decided to get tattooed and he's got some cool desings on his body, what are those? Have you seen this idol's tattoos?

The members of BTS have a great style, their looks and outfits always surprise their fans every time we see them off stage. They have a great way of dressing that is reflected in their clothes and accessories. There is much to admire about these artists even outside of music.

Jimin is one of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan who has conquered much of the public not only with his beautiful voice and amazing way of dancing. Mochi's beauty is also appreciated by a lot of fans and experts who find him to be one of the most attractive artists in the industry.

In addition, Park Jimin has a unique essence that is notable in his style and personal stamp. To reflect more of himself we can see his tattoos, did you know that this member of Bangtan has some designs tattooed on his skin? They are different designs with different meanings.

Do you want to know more about Jimin's tattoos? Here we tell you everything about them, Get to know more about this BTS idol through the desings he has on his skin.

What are Jimin's tattoos? Here are the desings he has on his skin

1. Nevermind

Jimin's 'Nevermind' tattoo had first been only temporary, located on one of the idol's ribs it would have been put there for one of his performances. But later it became a reality and the idol tattooed this phrase.

Jimin's Nevermind tattoo | Pinterest: @lrockeuse

2. 13

Jimin has number 13 tattooed on his wrist, fans think he did it because this is his birthday, but also BTS debut took place in 2013.

Jimin has a 13 on his wrist | Twitter: @miniminicult

3. Forever Young

The phrase 'Forever Young' is spread over both of Jimin's forearms, the idol placed one word on one arm and the other on the other. This is a BTS song that Mochi loves too much.

Jimin's Forever Young tattoos | Twitter: @archivepjmns

4. Young

One of Jimin's most recent tattoos is the word 'Young' in cursive on the back of the idol's ear.

Jimin's ear tattoo | Twitter: @knjsland

5. Moon

Jimin's fifth tattoo is also very recent, it's about the moon and it's on the back of the idol's neck, or rather on his upper back.

Jimin's moon tattoo | Twitter: @gcftgkk

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