BLACKPINK members ideal types BLACKPINK members ideal types

What is the ideal type of each BLACKPINK member? You could steal their hearts

Is there a perfect person for BLACKPINK members? Meet the ideal types of idols!

Have you ever wondered if you could conquer the hearts of BLACKPINK members? Get all the details about their ideal types.

BLACKPINK has managed to catch the attention of millions of fans around the world who may have first approached the girl group because of their music. The songs of this K-Pop group are just great and are the main reason why so many people join their fandom.

But there is much more that we can admire about the artists that are part of BP and perhaps one of its strongest characteristics is its visuals. These idols are really beautiful and BLINK never forgets to highlight the beauty of each BLACKPINK member.

And also the members of BLACKPINK have great personalities, there are many points of them that have completely fallen in love with BLINK, hiding their bias in the group while still supporting all the other members. Surely dating or having a relationship with any of them would be just great.

But what does it take to get the attention of the BLACKPINK members? Here we tell you all about the ideal types for these idols.

These are the ideal types of BLACKPINK members

1. Jisoo

Jisoo hasn't described her ideal type physically, but she does describe her ideal type, she wants someone who has a warm heart and treats her well. She would also be happy with someone who is not superficial and loves her for the way she is.

Jisoo's ideal type | Twitter: @jisooartsy

2. Jennie

Jennie has confessed that she likes sexy guys, OMG, but she also wants someone who is fun, passionate, and hard-working. Someone with whom the goals are always achievable because both are striving to achieve them.

This is the ideal type for Jennie | Twitter: @jenniesarchive

3. Rosé

Rosé likes cute and handsome boys, she would also love someone sweet and polite. She would love to have a boy who can sing and play the guitar.

Rosé's ideal type | Twitter: @inthemoodforbp

4. Lisa

Lisa said she likes cute boys, but older than her, not that old, maybe just a couple of years older. She likes to be taken care of, someone with a good heart, who knows how to cook and that her lifestyle is compatible with hers.

The ideal type of Lisa | Twitter: @lalisayyy

Now you know what each member of BLACKPINK looks for in their ideal boy, would you conquer any of the idols?

We have a quiz for you, maybe a shopping date would be perfect for BLACKPINK members, they get to know who would go shopping with you? 

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