BLACKPINK members' real names BLACKPINK members' real names

What are the real names of the BLACKPINK members? This are their meanings

Do BLACKPINK members use stage names or their real names? Here we tell you how they were called at birth

Get to know more about the members of BLACKPINK, do you already know what the real names of these K-Pop artists are?

BLACKPINK is an internationally recognized group only by this name or by the names of its members, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. These four girls came together to create a perfect formula of a great K-Pop group that shines in the studio and on stage with every song.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about the BP members, each of them has a different origin and history. But they are all equally talented, dedicated and passionate about music. This is why they have managed to attract the attention of millions of fans around the planet.

BLINK is the faithful fandom that is dedicated to supporting and showing all its love for this girl group. Over time it has become bigger and bigger and he can't stop admiring everything that makes up BLACKPINK. And even this fanbase is always interested in knowing more about the girls in this idol group.

If you are part of BLINK, then you will be interested to know more about BLACKPINK. Here we tell you what the real names of the members of the group are, were they using stage names?

These are the real names of BLACKPINK members, what do they mean?

1. Jisoo

Kim Jisoo is Jisoo's real name, she doesn't use any kind of stage name, it's her real Korean name. The name of this idol means wise and thoughtful.

Jisoo's real name and meaning | Twitter: @CRESCENTJS

2. Jennie

Kim Jennie is Jennie's real name, unlike many people, she had this name since birth and it means fair one.

Jennie's real name | Twitter: @jenniesarchive

3. Rosé

Rosé's full name is Roseanne Park, although she also has a Korean name which is Chaeyoung. The idol's Korean name means rose.

Rosé's korean name is Chaeyoung | Twitter: @MagzCollection

4. Lisa

Lalisa Manobal is Lisa's official name although she used to have a different name before, it was Pranpriya Manobal but she changed it because a gypsy told her that 'Lisa' would bring her fortune.

Lisa's real name | Twitter: @MagzCollection

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK, do you know who's the best dancer amongst these idols? 

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