BTS' idols real names BTS' idols real names

What are BTS members real names? Get to know more about this boy band

BTS' members are very popular nowadays, everybody knowns the stage names of these artists, but, what are their real names?

Some BTS members use a stage name different to their real one, do you know what are their birth names? Find out their meanings too!

BTS is super famous, no matter where you go, you'll find one of its fans who loyally supports and loves this south korean boy band; even if its popularity didn't come overnight, these idols are well-known nowadays and they'll be recognized at any place.

You might know a lot about RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin. V and Jungkook from Bangtan Sonyeondan, seven guys who started with the same dreams and have been working with a lot of passion for music and the stages. Even before 2013, debut year of the idol group, they were together to make this amazing formula.

The are a lot of things that we can appreciate from these idols. their talents and abilities, their personalities and chrismas, their hearts and even their stories. It has been a long way from the very beginning of the dreams and goals of these artists.

Do you want to know more about BTS' members? We will tell you  what are their real names, maybe is something that you didn't know.

These are BTS' members real names and the meaning behind them

1. RM - Kim Namjoon

RM is BTS' leader, his real name is Kim Namjoon, he was born in September 12, 1994, this name might be translated as 'the genius from South Korea', OMG, can this name be more accurate?

RM's real name | Twitter: @beehobi94

2. Jin - Kim Seokjin

Jin didnt' change his real name at all, which is Kim Seokjin, who was born in December 4th, 1992, this name might have the meaning of 'To be a great treasure', there's no doubt that Jin is the great treasure of ARMY <3.

Kim Seokjin is Jin's real name | Twitter: @beehobi94

3. Suga - Min Yoongi

In March 9th, 1993 Min Yoongi was born, you might know him better by the name of Suga, a talented rapper from BTS; his name hasn't a meaning at all, the idol confessed that he didn't know it and it's a generational name that his family has been using for generations.

Suga's real name meaning is a mistery | Twitter: @beehobi94

4. J-Hope - Jung Hoseok

J-Hope is the stage name of this amazing dancer, his real name is Jung Hoseok, he was born in Febraury 18th, 1994. This name means a popular man all over the nation, and his fathers gave it to him after visiting a temple.

J-Hope's real name is Jung Hoseok | Twitter: @beehobi94

5. Jimin - Park Jimin

Jimin didn't change his name at all for his stage name, the full name of this artist is Park Jimin, he was born in Octuber 13th, 1995. The meaning for Jimin's name is someone whose reasoning is elevated than the sky.

The meaning of Jimin's name | Twitter: @beehobi94

6. V - Kim Taehyung

You might know V, a very popular K-Pop artist who has charmed his fans with his talents and beauty. His real names is Kim Taehyung which means somebody whose all hopes come true; V's grandfather was the one who named him.

Kim Taehyung is V's real name | Twitter: @beehobi94

7. Jungkook - Jeon Jungkook

As you can see, Jungkook doesn't use a stage name at all since his real name is Jeon Jungkook, he was born in September 1st, 1997. Jungkook's name means something like 'pillar of a nation', OMG, that's a real strong name.

This is the meaning of Jungkook's name | Twitter: @beehobi94

Now you know a little bit more about BTS and its members, with the meaning of their real names.

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