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What are BTS English names? Do members use another name intenationally?

Do BTS members have names in English? They may use another name internationally

There are K-Pop idols who have Korean and English names, do BTS members have them too? Find out if they use another international denomination.

BTS is a world famous group with millions of fans around the world. Regardless of language or country, there are plenty of people who have come together to show all their love and support for this K-Pop group. The fandom of this boy band is getting bigger and bigger and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow.

Through the years, the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have tried to be in constant communication with all ARMY, it might seem difficult and sometimes it seems to be more focused on Korean fans. Language can be a big barrier, but many fans have managed to stay in touch with idols no matter if they speak different languages.

In addition, we know that the ace of English in Bangtan is RM, who easily communicates in that language in all interviews, as well as sending messages internationally to his fans. BTS idols have also learned a few phrases or more in Chinese, Japanese, Thai and even Spanish to communicate with their fans from more countries.

Do BTS members have English names? Here we tell you if they use a different name internationally. There are idols who have an English name and a Korean name, but in those cases it is because the artist in question was born or raised abroad and it was the name she used in a country outside of Korea.

Do BTS members have official names in English?

The answer is no, BTS members don't have English names, no matter where they are, they use their birth name. So officially Bangtan idols don't use English names. Sometimes ARMY assigns one to them, but it is a matter of the fandom. All the members of the group only use their Korean name.

BTS once revealed what funny English names they would use

Once, BTS idols were asked 'If you could rename yourselves with an English stage name, what would it be?' and these were their funny answers.

1. RM

RM simply chose the English stage name of 'Monie', and there are a lot of fans who call him like that nowadays, so he chose a good name, LOL.

RM's English stage name | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

2. Jin

Jin couldn't answer this question for some reason, but J-Hope had the perfect English stage name for him and it was 'Genie', LOL it sounds kinda like 'Jinnie', right? It also reminded them of a Girl Generation's song.

J-Hope chose Jin's stage English name | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

3. Suga

Suga has a great sense of humor, and his English stage name would be a Korean name, LOL 'Yeon Ki Kim', would you call him like this? OMG, we think that Suga is actually a pretty good name.

Suga's English name | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

4. J-Hope

J-Hope easily formed his English stage name, it wouldn't be pretty different as he chose 'J-Dope', LOL, that'd be funny, we love 'J-Hope' tho.

J-Dope or J-Hope? | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

5. Jimin

For Jimin English names use to be long, so he chose a really long one 'Christian Chim Chim', we think it's pretty cute and fits this idol well, lol.

Jimin chose his long English name | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

6. Taehyung

On the other hand, Taehyung chose a short English name, he said 'Jack' would be it, and he even remembered that scene from Titanic, LOL.

Taehyung would have this English name | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

7. Jungkook

OK, but Jungkook took it farther, we love the comedy of BTS' maknae. His English name would be 'Justin Seagull', lol. He made his name inspired by Justin Bieber and the official animal from his hometown Busan.

Jungkook's English name | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

LOL, what do you think about BTS members English names? Aren't they kinda funny, well some of them and some others are pretty cool.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like RM who revealed what kind of K-Dramas he enjoys the most. 

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