BLACKPINK official accounts on Instagram BLACKPINK official accounts on Instagram

What are BLACKPINK members official Instagram accounts?

Did you know that you can follow BLACKPINK members on Instagram? Here are their official accounts so you don't miss their updates

The members of BLACKPINK are present on Instagram and share a lot of themselves on this platform for BLINK, do you already follow their official profiles on this social network? Here we tell you which are their verified accounts.

Being such a famous and popular group worldwide, it is a fact that BLACKPINK wants to stay in touch with their fans all over the world. Because there are BLINKs in a lot of countries, they may not be able to travel to Korea and spend time with them at fansings or fan meetings like the ones that are customary in K-Pop.

This is why through the Internet, many fans are usually very aware of everything that their favorite idols do. And for K-Pop artists, there are various special platforms where they keep in touch with their followers, such as Bubble, Weverse, Universe, among others.

Although perhaps not all fans have access to these specialized platforms, so it is always good for artists to join other social networks that are available to all their fans and with BLACKPINK there is no exception. They have accounts on several social networks, well, the official ones of the group on Twitter and Facebook, for example.

But, if we talk about personal accounts, BLACKPINK also has them on Instagram, the idol group is on this social network with their verified profiles, are you following them? Here we tell you what they are so you don't miss the updates of these girls.

What are BLACKPINK's verified accounts on Instagram?


BLACKPINK's group account on Instagram is @blackpinkofficial, in this, the idol group usually uploads promotional content, information about comebacks, events and other releases.

BLACKPINK's official group account | Instagram: @blackpinkofficial

2. Jisoo - @sooyaaa__

You can find Jisoo's official profile on Instagram as @sooyaaa__, in this the idol usually publishes many photos, collaborations with the brands for which she has become an ambassador and a little more about her day to day.

Jisoo's account on Instagram | Instagram: @sooyaaa__

3. Jennie - @jennierubyjane

Jennie usually posts many photos and stories on her official Instagram profile, the idol also lets us see her photoshoots, behind the scenes and selfies through this social network with the username @jennierubyjane.

Jennie's official Instagram account | Instagram: @jennierubyjane

4. Rosé - @roses_are_rosie

BLACKPINK's Rosé also has her own verified account on Instagram, where she shares messages with her fans, photos of important moments, photo shoots, selfies, and much more with her username @roses_are_rosie.

Rosé on Instagram| Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

5. Lisa - @lalalalisa_m

Lisa's official profile on Instagram is @lalalalisa_m, in this she usually shares many photos and stories, she also let us see her pets on this account, but later she made a special one for her 'L Family'.

Lisa's account on Instagram | Instagram: @lalalalisa_m

Follow the official BLACKPINK accounts on Instagram and don't miss any of their updates, they surely have a lot of content for BLINK.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its idols, like Lisa who might get married soon and this is the proof.

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