Web dramas with idols Web dramas with idols

Web dramas starring idols, watch all of these interesting plots

Which idols have appeared in web dramas? Here we recommend some that have the best stories

There are idols who first act in web dramas before appearing in TV dramas, but these internet series also have very interesting plots, here we recommend some of them.

As you may know, there are plenty of idols who don't just limit their talents to music. We have amazing artists in the K-Pop industry who have also served as MCs, models, and even actors. There are a lot of them with a long career in acting.

Many times, the first opportunities are presented in web dramas. These are sometimes short dramas that are especially released on digital platforms. Whether they are international sites like Netflix or Viki or on the platforms that have various Korean television stations such as tvN. Some of these are also streamed on YouTube.

So we can see a lot of idols appearing in web dramas with different stories than what they might be used to on TV. But in the same way, in these series, they present their talents in front of the cameras and captivate the public with their facets as actors.

So here we have some web dramas starring idols. You can see these interesting stories on various digital platforms and ejoy more of your favorite K-Pop artists as actors.

6 Web dramas with idols that you must watch, they have very interesting stories

1. Live On

Year: 2020
Starring NU'EST's Minhyun and Jung Da Bin

This webdrama is about a popular girl in school who's also very popular in social media, everything goes well with it until someone starts spreading some of her secrets online and she'll have to get together with a group of nerds who will help her.

You can watch 'Live On' and discover more about Minhyun's talent as an actor.

2. Click Your Heart

Year: 2016
Starring SF9's Zu Ho, Rowoon, Chani and AOA's Kwon Min Ah

This is an interactive web drama in which the audience can create their own story. A girl is pursued by four boys and each one will be able to choose who they will have a school romance with.

Click Your Heart | Twitter: @keeholovr

Watch 'Click Your Heart' and you'll love SF9 members as actors. 

3. Mermaid Prince

Year: 2020
Starring ASTRO's Moon Bin and Jung Shin Hye

This is a romance K-Drama in which a girl has her graduation trip in the beach, there she'll meet a mysterious guy whose nickname is 'the mermaid prince'. She'll fall in love with him as she gets closer to this boy.

'Mermaid Prince' has a great story for you.

4. Convenience Store Fling

Year: 2021
Starring AB6IX's Kim Donghyun and Choi Ji Su

This one is about a girl who gets a job in a convenience store, she wants to be a good worker and fullfill her tasks but something will get in her way since all of her 4 co-workers are pretty handsome and kinda flirty too.

Convenience Store Fling | Twitter: @svtcixton

There are more idols in 'Convenience Store Fling', so you better watch it! 

5. I Can See Your MBTI

Year: 2021
Starring Choi Yeon Soo and THE BOYZ's Hyunjae

This K-Drama develops a love story between two students, a girl who can see the MBTI of the people around her and a boy who can easily change his MBTI, how will they get along?

'I Can See Your MBTI' has a interesting plot.

6. Imitation

Year: 2021
Starring ATEEZ's Yunho, Jung Ji So and U-KISS' Jun

This is a drama with idols about idols, in this we will follow the stories and adventures of the girl group Tea Party and boy groups Shax and Sparkling, how is the industry? This web drama will tell us.

Imitation | Twitter: @kdramasdiary

'Imitation' is such a cool K-Drama.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some in which you can see Park Bo Young acting. 

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