Viki original Korean dramas Viki original Korean dramas

Viki original Korean dramas that you must watch on the platform

If you are a fan of dramas, then you already know Viki, a great platform with many series, here we recommend some original ones that you won't stop watching

Viki not only has dramas released on television in its catalog, it also has various stories originally created by the platform and here we recommend the best ones.

Thanks to the Internet and various streaming sites, many drama fans can watch their favorite series at any time and on different devices. Many of the stories shown on South Korean television reach all over the world through various platforms.

One of them is Viki, a specialized site where you can find series from countries like Japan, China and Korea. This platform has free and paid plans that will allow you to discover new stories in a lot of dramas that are in the catalog of this site.

The best thing about Viki is that it also has various translation teams that are responsible for subtitling each series in the best way. This is why you can enjoy your favorite dramas with quality, security and an excellent translation. There is a lot on Viki that you can discover.

Viki has also been in charge of creating various original series for its platform, here we recommend some of them so that you add them to your watchlist, you will love their stories.

5 Viki original K-Dramas you can watch on the platform

1. Gaduri Restaurant

Year: 2020
Starring Lee Joo Bin and Hyuk

In this drama we get to know the story of Ga Du Ri, a woman who thought she had found the love of her life but her heart is broken when he leaves her. This is how she decides to open a sushi restaurant to lift her spirits and soon she will be successful as a cook and an expert in romantic dates.

Gaduri Restaurant | Twitter: @typedmaru

Watch 'Gaduri Restaurant' on Viki, you'll love its amazing story. 

2. User Not Found

Year: 2021
Starring Bae Jin Young and Shin So Hyun

This K-Drama is about a girl who was never popular even though she dreamed of becoming the most loved girl in her school. This is how she changes schools and when she arrives at her new high school she realizes that there is a girl whose name is exactly the same as hers but she is totally the opposite. What will happen when they exchange their identities?

You need to watch 'User Not Found' which has an interesting plot.

3. Fly Again

Year: 2021
Starring Chae Hyungwon and Kim Myung Ji

This drama will tell us the story of Han Yo Han, a boy who wants to become a star and to do so he changes schools to major in music. But his dream could be cut short by an accident, will he achieve his goal of becoming a singer and dancer?

Fly Again | Twitter: @HanaLee26

'Fly Again' has a great story that you can watch on Viki. 

4. Thirty But Seventeen

Year: 2018
Starring Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong

In this K-Drama you will see the story of Woo Seo Ri, an extremely talented girl who played the violin. She was 17 years old when an accident left her in a coma. Ella 13 years later she wakes up still with the mind of her 17, but now she is a 30 year old woman. How will she be able to recover all the lost time?

We recommend you 'Thirty But Seventeen' on Viki, add it to your watchlist!

5. Where Stars Land

Year: 2018
Starring Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin

This drama is about a boy who dreamed of becoming a pilot, but his vision problems prevented him from achieving this goal. Despite this, he works at the airport where he will meet a new girl who, with her personality, could make him change. How will love be born in this story?

Where Stars Land | Twitter: @sicilienne_nl

You can watch 'Where Stars Land' on Viki, you will love its beautiful story. 

Keep watching dramas, we have a lot more for you, like these ones with amazing plots since they're historical K-Dramas.

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