BTS underrated songs for you BTS underrated songs for you

Underrated BTS songs you really need to hear and add to your playlist

There are a lot of BTS songs that have become super popular, but there are many other little-known ones that you should listen to

BTS has a wide catalog of songs for their fans, but some of them are not as appreciated as others, here are some underrated songs from the group that you should have in your playlist.

For more than 8 years, BTS has been working on songs and performances for their fans. They have touched the hearts of millions of people through their music, it is the main reason why we admire this great K-Pop group that is the most popular in the industry nowadays.

So we have a wide catalog of songs created and performed by Bangtan Sonyeondan. The best thing is that its members have been part of the creative process of their tracks, which is why we will find titles written by each of the idols of this important group.

And we know very well that there are very popular and well-known Bangtan Boys songs. Tracks that not only captivate ARMY even more, but also delight casual listeners and even the general public who enjoy the music of these Korean artists. We can think of 'Dynamite' or 'Butter' as examples.

But BTS also has some underrated songs that need more attention. These masterpieces seem forgotten, but true ARMYs really appreciate them.

8 Underrated BTS songs you should be listening to right now

1. 24/7=Heaven

On the album 'Dark & Wild' which BTS released on 2014, we can listen to '24/7=Heaven', a great song which is kinda lovely since it talks about someone who is waiting for the next date with the one he likes.

2. Autumn Leaves

'Autumn Leaves' is a song from 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2', a n album that Bangtan released on 2015. This song is just amazing, we love vocals there and also the voices of the rappers are truly good on this track. 

3. Wishing On A Star

We really love 'Wishing On A Star' a song that you can listen to in the album 'Youth' which was released on 2016. It has this great beat and the talents of all of the idols from this boy band, it's such a great track.

4. If I Ruled The World

If we go back to 2013, we can find amazing BTS songs like 'If I Ruled The World' which is one of the tracks of 'O!RUL8,2?'. This albums must be a classic just like this great song.

5. Coffee

More from 'O!RUL8,2?' because this album is a true gem and everyone needs to listen to it, and we love 'Coffee' a song full of rap you'll love.

6. Does It Make Sense

Once again 'Dark & Wild' is here, so we have this song called 'Does It Make Sense', we know Bangtan Boys love to perform this one but it's such an underrated song, keep listening to it, please!

7. Love Is Not Over

In 2016, BTS released 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever' where we can find 'Love Is Not Over', we can't say how much we love the vocals in this one, and it has also some amazing lyrics.

8. Born Singer

OMG, 'Born Singer' is such an amazing song and we'll have it on 'Proof' which is great, but this track is underrated right now, we don't know if with the comeback it'll gain more attention. Anyways this is an unofficial track which is BTS' version of  J. Cole's song 'Born Sinner'.

Keep listening to more K-Pop songs, here we have some from the duo AKMU that you'll love. 

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