Doja Cat underrated and underground songs Doja Cat underrated and underground songs

Underground Doja Cat songs you need to listen to right now

We know that Doja Cat has a lot of popular songs, but what about those that are very little known? You'll need them in your playlist

Doja Cat has a lot of hit songs, those ones that everyone loves to listen to, but there are some tracks from this rapper that only true fans know, listen to them!

Doja Cat is one of the most successful and popular singers right now, her songs are on the radio almost all of the time and she would make a hit in every platform with each new song release. We all love this queen of music industry and there is a lot to admire about her.

Doja has been working hard to get to the top, she dropped out of highschool in roder to go and chase her dream of becoming a rapper, since she was so young she started working in her own songs and released them on Soundcloud. Her talents were noticed by RCA Records which got a deal with her.

And that's how Doja Cat's career started, since the very first moment she was moved by music and using her creativity to make great songs. She's been growing exponentially and now has a lot of fans all over the world. Her fame is just a result of her amazing work.

And even if there are some songs which turned to be a big hit like 'Say So' or 'Kiss Me More', there are other tracks that only true Doja Cat fans know, so we recommend some of those underground songs.

5 Underground Doja Cat songs that only true fans know

1. UwU

You might find great Doja Cat's song on her SoundCloud account and one of these tracks is 'UwU', with a nice beat and thos amazing lyrics which Doja writes perfectly.

2. No Police

In the album ' Purrr!' which Doja Cat released in 2014 we can find 'No Police', a song that we think is very underrated, it's a calm song but also has a lot of flow which comes from Doja.

3. Addiction

'Hot Pink' has a lot of well-known songs but one on the album might be kinda unkown to all of the public, we're talking about 'Addiction', which is sadly underrated.

4. Nintendhoe

Well, this song might be for true fans only, it has all of the Doja Cat's style and it's combined with videogames, it's just too cool to be true, so you better listen to 'Nintendhoe'.

5. All Nighter

We loved 'Amala' but we know there are some songs which people slept on and one of those is 'All Nighter' a underrated and kinda underground Doja Cat's song.

Now you have more Doja Cat's songs for your playlist, dive into her full discography and SoundCloud songs for more of her talent.

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, we tell you here more about how she made Mexican Pizza come back to Taco Bell. 

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