The Weeknd for 'After Hours' The Weeknd for 'After Hours'

Top 5 The Weekend collaborations, these tracks are the best of his career

The pop star The Weeknd has worked with some of the best artists in the game. Here are the most interesting collaborations of his career

Today we are talking about one of the most important hit-makers of the decade. No otter than the powerful The Weeknd. This talented artist has been dominating the global charts for the last couple of years with his addictive singles.

There is not a single person on this planet who can avoid vibing to the super successful track "Blinding Lights". We cannot forget to mention the iconic single "Can't Feel My Face". What is your favorite song by the Canadian singer?

He is one of the most creative pop artists in the game. His albums are full of interesting references and metaphors. At the same time, his lyrics a quite unique. He shares a lot of his personal stories through his music.

We have seen him working with some of the hottest names in the industry. All his collaborations are awesome, however, we are collecting just the best ones for you. Here you'll find The Weeknd exploring new sounds and styles.

The best collaboration by The Weeknd

1. Lust For Life (2017) - Lana Del Rey

This track sounds dark just like the common style of these skillful artists. Their voices work pretty well together.

2. Over Now (2020) - Calvin Harris

Now let's talk about this masterpiece. It is the sexiest breakup song ever! The production is flawless, just like this music video.

3. You Right (2021) - Doja Cat

This song is telling us a whole tale. The Weeknd's verse is sharing his side of the story. Again, we are in front of a wonderful music video.

4. LA FAMA (2021) - Rosalía

We cannot leave without mentioning this awesome collab. The Weeknd did a great job singing in Spanish. For sure he is out of his comfort zone, and the result is perfect.

5. Save Your Tears Remix (2021) - Ariana Grande

The original version of this single was perfect. Anyway, Ariana Grande's voice makes everything even better.

Let us know, What other collab should be on the list?

Check these fun facts about The Weeknd, every fan should know them.

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