SEVENTEEN's Dino for 'Face The Sun' SEVENTEEN's Dino for 'Face The Sun'

Top 5 SEVENTEEN's Dino's covers of his YouTube show 'DANCEOLOGY'

Dino, the youngest of SEVENTEEN, is a wonderful dancer. Here are the Top 5 of his DANCEOLOGY covers.

SEVENTEEN's performances are out of this world. This group has the most impressive synchronization on stage. Despite being a large group, the 13 members move like sharing just one soul.

Of course, all of them are brilliant dancers, but some members stand out thanks to their skills. Yes, today we are talking about Dino, the super charismatic maknae of the group who will conquer your heart with his powerful performances.

Lee Chan is just 23 years old, he already is a senior in the industry. We can notice his seven years of experience when he takes control of the stage. Every single detail of his dance is perfect, moves, facial expressions, energy and more.

Usually, the passionate Idol drops dance covers on YouTube. All of them are awesome! Are you a newbie in the K-Pop world? Don't worry, we have for your the Top 5 of his DANCEOLOGY to start the journey. Dino is awesome!


1. Toosie Slide - Drake

In this cover, Dino joined forces with Vernon to give us this fast and unique choreography. Also, they were truly having a great time while dancing.

2. Thin White - 5 Seconds of Summer

His precision is always on point. Here we can see how the Idol follows every single beat of the music with a lot of energy. 

3. Cheating on You - Charlie Puth

The production of this one is simpler. However, Seungkwan and Dino have talent enough to create the most impressive performance.

4. Feeling Good - Avicii

This video is a masterpiece! The contemporary-styled choreography is as good as the camera direction. Dino is super talented!

5. Hollywood’s Bleeding - Post Malone

Let's finish with this jaw-dropping cover. Dino's stage presence is not a joke! He could be a wonderful solo artist. Enjoy the show.

Which Dino's dance cover is your favorite?

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