Top 5 BLACKPINK's Lisa covers of her LILI's FILM YouTube channel

BLACKPINK's Lisa is a wonderful dancer. These are her best covers released on her YouTube channel

Everyone already knows how talented Lisa is. The member of BLACKPINK has and powerful stage presence. In 2019, after the presentation of the group at the Coachella festival, her name was the most searched on Google. She conquered the American public in just 20 minutes.

Last year she debuted as a solo singer with the singles "LALISA" and "MONEY". Both tracks were all over the Internet, she broke tons of records with these hits. Is almost impossible to say which song is the best one.

Lisa is a super charismatic rapper, her fierce words are part of BLACKPINK's identity. Also, to talk about her we need to bring out her unbelievable dancing skills. She can dance the most complicated choreographies as those were the easiest.

On her YouTube channel, Lili's Film, she constantly drops new covers. Of course, the dance is always on point, but the production is perfect as well: camera direction, outfits, and scenarios. We have for your the top five of these awesome covers.

Top 5 Lili's Film covers by BLACKPINK's Lisa


Lisa started this content by dancing to MALAMENTE, an original song by the Spanish singer Rosalía.

Her charisma is not a joke!

2. City Girls (LILI's FILM #4)

This amazing dance will make you think: Does Lisa have bones? Her moves are soft but powerful at the same time. She is the rhythm!

3. Cravin (LILI's FILM #2 )

Lisa doesn't need too much to shock the world. This clip is just the Idols taking control of the stage with her flawless choreography. It is a masterpiece!

4. Mushroom Chocolate (LILI's FILM #3 )

The last two spots are quite difficult to decide. However, her cover of Mushroom Chocolate is one of the favorites of BLINK. She looks super sexy even while dancing this complicated choreography.

5. Tomboy (The Movie)

Tomboy is her greatest cover due to the giant production. Her dance is amazing as usual, but this project could be a full movie. Lisa's creativity can conquer the world if she wants to.

Among all these performances, what is your favorite? We love all of them!

Did you know that Lisa has a close friendship with some Idols that were born in 1997? We are telling you who are they.

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