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Time travel K-Dramas with stories that will blow your mind

Time travel superpower is common in K-Dramas stories. However, just a few  of them can make us crazy with the plot twist.

We love to see some bittersweet stories on the screen especially if there is a little bit of fantasy. Today's recommendation includes some well written K-Dramas about time travelers.

When we start to watch these kinds of shows we already know something wrong is going to happen. We're wishing our protagonist could overcome all the hardships and find a happy ending.

Yes, we will suffer with the characters, but don't worry, these dramas deserve our pain while we are watching. Are you ready?

Amazing time travel K-Dramas stories

1. Tomorrow With You (2017)

Yoo So Hoon is a young man who has the ability to travel in time. He is taking advantage  of the superpower to gain money. Eventually, he finds out that he could die in the next few years. In order to change his destiny he gets married to a photographer.

The roles for the lead couple are portrayed by Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon. This show has a lot of mystery and is full of lovely scenes. What are you waiting for?

'Tomorrow With You' poster / By @AnaLovesHP

2. Mr. Queen (2020)

Now let´s relieve the tension with a comedy. The successful show "Mr. Queen" is the perfect  option. Have you watched this hilarious drama?

Jang Bong Hwan is a famous chef who dies after an accident. For an unknown reason his soul travels back in time to the Joseon period Korea.  Now he is inside the body of the Queen Cheorin.

'Mr Queen' poster / By @kdramandie

3. The Light in Your Eyes (2019)

This K-Drama got amazing viewership marks during its release. It is really easy to find ourselves in these characters.

Kim Hye Ja is a woman who can manipulate the time with a special watch. However she will  have to face tons of problems, it is the price of time traveling.

'The Light in Your Eyes' poster / By @kdramaflwr

4. Faith (2012)

Let's go back to the historical dramas. This time we are talking about a show starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun. Such a combo!

Yoo Eun Soo is a plastic surgeon who abruptly is kidnapped by an ancient warrior. He takes her with him back in time to the Goryeo Destiny age. In that world people think she is a goddess because of her ability in medicine.

'Faith' poster / By @auristk2707

5. Alice (2020)

Again Kim Hee Sun is taking the role of a time traveler. In this  show she is Yoon Tae Yi, an agent of the agency Alice. We'll see the future when the clients of this company can travel in time.

The plot is complicated, you need to watch to get into this enigmatic story.

'Alice' poster / By @lostindramaland

Do You love this kind of show as much as we do?

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