What's the meaning of Jungkook's tattoos? What's the meaning of Jungkook's tattoos?

This is the meaning of Jungkook's tattoos

What's the meaning behind BTS' Jungkook tattos? The idol has some desings on his skin that will last forever

Jungkook from BTS has an amazing style and a part of it is on his skin, since he has some tattoos. Do these one have a deep meaning for the artist?

ARMY loves the style of Jeon Jungkook, he's the BTS' maknae that has shown that he feels free and creative with his own body and fashion. A lot of fans appreciate every outfit that JK wears, and they can't forget about a lot of his airport walkways.

Jungkook expresses himself in different ways, with his music, with his hidden talents like drawing and painting, with his style and even with his tattoos and pearcings. Not all of the Bangtan's members have art embodied in their skins, and the maknae is the one who has more desings tattooed.

Some time ago, JK wasn't able to show his tattoos because of the censorship on media in South Korea, he had to use long sleeves and even use make up to cover some of the desings that he has on his skin. But, lately, he feels more free and he shows his tattoos with a lot of confidence.

So, Jungkook's tattoos have a real meaning? Get to know everything about them and the stories that the art on JK's body might be hiding.

Jungkook has these tattoos and they have a deep meaning for the idol

1. The Eye

Once, Jungkook drew an eye, later we could see it tattoed on his skin, this tattoo might have different meanings, sometimes it's related to some different meanings like divinity, the truth, for protection, for clarity and also confidence.

Jungkook's red eye tattoo | Twitter: @Jungkook_IntI

2. Tiger

The tigers in Korea are related to the strenght and power, they also might be seen as guardian spirits and protectors.

Jungkook's tiger tattoo | Twitter: @bffjeongguk

3. The crossed phrases

Jungkook has a tattoo with two phrases that are kinda crossed, one of them says 'Rather be dead than be cool' and the other one says 'Make hay while the sun shines', both of them are related to the idol's motto:

It is better to be dead than to live without passion

Jungkook crossed tattoos | Twitter: @kookieflowerr

4. Beautiful youth

For a performance during 2014, Jimin had a fake tattoo on his ribs with the phrase 'Beautiful youth' in chinese, so JK got the same one but not as big as Mochi and in another part of his body.

Jungkook's chinese tattoo | Twitter: @gguksanae

5. Tiger Lily

Jungkook's birth flower is a tiger lily, that's why he got a tattoo of this beautiful flower, it also means 'Please, love me'.

Jungkook's tiger lily | Twitter: @btsxop

6. 1997

Jungkook was born in 1997, that's why he has a tattoo of this year but in roman numerals, it also might represent the '97 line in K-Pop, formed by all of the idols who were born on this year (ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo, SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, Minghao and DK, BLACKPINK's Lisa, etc.)

JK's 1997 tattoo | Twitter: @googiefolder

7. Microphone

Microphone tattoos tend to talk about the freedom and passion for the free expression, also it might be that Jungkook represents his love for music and singing with this desing.

Jungkook has a microphone on his skin | Twitter: @Jungkook__INDIA

8. Thunderstorm

Jungkook has a thunderstorm tattooed on his arm, it might represent the hard times that he would have had in his life, a constat fight for get out of this bad moments.

Jungkook has his thunderstorm tattoo | Twitter: @gothjeongk

9. Clock

Jungkook represents the passage of time with his tattoo of a clock, the the course of life and everything about the evolution that we all have with time.

The clock tattoed on Jungkook's arm | Twitter: @taebokkiii

10. ARMY, purple heart and BTS

Of course, Jungkook showed his love for ARMY with a very cool tattoo on his fingers, it doesn't need a lot of explanation. He also has on his hand a purple heart which comes from 'borahae'. And BTS' logo which is something really important for the idol.

Jungkook's hand tattoos | Twitter: @Smily_koo

Now you know a little bit more about Jungkook and his tattoos, he's an incredible idol with a great style and sense of freedom.

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