AKMU for 'Sailing' AKMU for 'Sailing'

These AKMU songs have the most beautiful lyrics written by the duet

AKMU drops nothing but masterpieces. The siblings wrote these beautiful songs that you need on your playlist.

Despite being young, AKMU has already a wonderful music career. The siblings were teenagers when they made their debut in 2014 under YG Entertainment. They conquered the hearts of the Korean public with their participation in the Tv show K-Pop Start.

Is not difficult to notice the giant talent of the duet. Lee Chanhyuk is a music genius, he made every single song from their discography. Also, his voice is a perfect contrast to the sweet style of his sister. Suhyun has a flawless vocal technique, her interpretations are unbelievable.

The live performances are awesome, there is no doubt that thy were born to be musicians. At the same time, they are skillful songwriters. Their songs were made with their honest feelings and thoughts.

You will be moved by these tracks, the lyrics are beautiful. Even if you don't know Korean, the music tells everything. Here are some of their most emotive songs written by themselves. Be ready to join their fandom.

The most emotive songs by AKMU

1. How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love (2019)

Let's start with this breakup song. It explores the hardship of fighting for a damaged relationship.

We walk along together upon the desolated road.

Conversation lacking substance [...]

I just realized then, I can longer move forth.

Every step brings me closer to our breakup.

2. Melted (2014)

Is hard to believe that they were very young when this song was released. It explores the cruelty of the world.

I leave the darkness that finds my heart.

Even the cold shadow that covers the night starts to harden.

If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out.

But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold?

3. Hey Kid, Close your eyes (2021)

Violence is a big problem that affects the most vulnerable ones: children. AKMU dropped this song to make us think about it.

Hey kid, close your eyes.

Hang in there just a bit although it's suffocating.

Because here on the battlefield, once your ears stop ringing, there is gonna be screaming.

4. Last Goobye (2017)

Finally, we have another breakup song. This one is trying to finish a relationship in the best way possible. Just keep the good memories.

If I'm beside you.

Just standing by your side, make me happy. Please remember that.

As a good memory, during the long day and long night, I really loved you.

They are so talented! Which song do you like the most?

 The duet has the best cheerful music as well. Check our AKMU bright songs recommendation.

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