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The softest Red Velvet songs to enjoy before going to sleep

Red Velvet voices are the best to calm your heart before you go to sleep. You need these tracks on your playlist.

No matter what kind of concept you like the most, Red Velvet has music for all tastes. As you may know, the name of the group represents the duality of the members. The Red side is used to drop powerful and deep songs.

Meanwhile, the Velvet side is soft and sweet. Between these two styles, there is a fine line that mixes the best that these talented Idols have to offer. Some of their tracks feel really opposite like "Psycho" and "Fell My Rhythm".

However, the music of this K-Pop sensation cannot be tagged under just two categories. We are in front of the most versatile girl groups ever. The singers of "Bad Boy" are constantly using interesting concepts bright on the outside but meaningful at the end of the day.

Also, we have to mention how good vocalists the members are. Their sweet voices are always on point. No matter if it is a song with a hard choreography or a ballad, Red Velvet's vocal show is always perfect. Let's the girl relax your mind before going to sleep.

The best Red Velvet sogs for your "before going to sleep" playlist

1. Remember Forever (2019)

Let's start with this adorable song. The sweet melody will calm your heart immediately. Exactly what we need before sleeping.

2. Would U (2017)

Red Velvet harmonies are the best for the sense of hearing. This beautiful performance will heal your soul.

3. One of These Nights (2016)

This emotional song is one of the best in the career of these talented ladies. The music, lyrics, and vocals are unbelievable.

4. Automatic (2015)

Here, the voices of the members sound like heaven. In 2015 they were just rookies but their vocals were already perfect. The perfect lullaby!

What other Red Velvet song should be on this playlist?

The group has the best concepts ever. Check these interesting Red Velvet songs. Their massages are great.

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