Most viewed MVs on YouTube Most viewed MVs on YouTube

The most viewed music videos in the entire history of YouTube

Which videos have the most views on YouTube? Here is the top of those who are the most viewed in the entire history of the platform

YouTube hosts endless videos and our favorite artists have used this platform for their MVs for quite a few years now, which music videos have the most views on this platform?

YouTube is a great platform that has evolved over time, perhaps the first videos we found on the platform were from the public for the public. But little by little, more official channels, artists and others who shared content for fans also joined.

Today we find all kinds of videos on this website and app that was acquired by Google. YT has a ton of sections and productions, from vlogs, short or music videos, to series, movies, and even podcasts. It is amazing to see everything that this platform hosts.

But this time we're going to focus on the music videos, which are great, well... most of them. Let's say that they give a visual reinforcement to our favorite songs, many times they even look like mini movies and show us our favorite singers as actors, other times they are simple, others are full of art and more.

What are the most viewed official MVs on YouTube in all history? Here we have the top 10 with which you will know which artists were a hit on YT.

The 10 most viewed videos on YouTube of all time

1. Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Can you remember the 'Despacito' fever? OMG, this song was everywhere, and it's sang by Luis Fonsi and features Daddy Yankee, this is the most popular MV on YouTube as well, it has over 7.9 billion views, and still counting.

2. Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran

We know that Ed Sheeran is a really popular artist, and we can't get over 'Shape Of You', he released this one on the album '÷' in 2017, the official MV for this song has over 5.7 billion views on YouTube.

3. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Woah! This is a truly popular song, 'See You Again' was featured on the album 'Most Wanted, Vol. 2' and it also was used for the soundtrack of one of the 'Fast & Furious' movies, it features Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth and the music video has over 5.5 billion views.

4. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Everybody loved Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars together in 2015, 'Uptown Funk' is a song that made us dance a lot, and its official MV has over 4.6 billion views on YouTube.

5. Gangnam Style by PSY

Our dearest PSY! He's here with one of the most popular songs all over the world, this Korean artist released 'Gangnam Style' and it turned out to be a huge hit, it has now over 4.4 billion views.

6. Sugar by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is a great group and they've plenty of songs but everybody loved 'Sugar' which was featured on their album 'V' released in 2014, the MV has more than 3.7 billion views on YouTube.

7. Roar by Katy Perry

'Roar' is a great song which Katy Perry released back in 2013 on her album 'Prism', this powerful track is perfect for everyone and its music video has over 3.6 billion views.

8. Counting Stars by OneRepublic

In 2013, OneRepublic released their album 'Native', this one features 'Counting Stars' a song that became really popular and now its MV has more than 3.6 billion views.

9. Sorry by Justin Bieber

Even if Justin Bieber has a lot of popular songs, 'Sorry' beat all of them, since it's the most watched MV, it has more than 3.5 billion views on YouTube right now.

10. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Woah! Ed Sheeran is the only artist to have two positions on this top, with 'Thinking Out Loud' he conquered the world and the MV for this song has over 3.4 billion views on YouTube.

Keep reading more about your favorite artists and songs, here we have some songs that Taylor Swift wrote for other singers. 

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