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The most romantic songs by EXO's D.O, let's fall in love with his warm voice

EXO's D.O. is one of the greatest K-Pop vocalits. Here are some of his best songs that will make you fall in love.

No one can deny that EXO has one of the strongest vocal lines in the industry. The main vocalists of this group are super talented. These gentlemen can conquer the biggest crown with their unbelievable talent.

Among the members, maybe D.O. has the voice that suits the best to romantic songs. We are in front of an Idol with flawless vocal technique. Also, his performances are super emotional, a thing only a skillful actor and singer can offer.

The Idols has a super successful career in the filming industry. His participation in tons of movies and K-Dramas has shown his wonderful acting skills. The handsome artist can do everything. 

His solo tracks are beautiful, don't you believe us? These tracks are going to change your mind. We have for you some of his most sweet songs, be ready to fall in love with him. Tun up the volume!

Romantic songs by D.O. of EXO

1. Rose (2021)

This song is lovely, the lyrics express the happiness of being in love. The melody is addictive!

2. That's Okay (2019)

Of course, we need t talk about self-love. This beautiful son is just a guitar and D.O's voice. It's perfect!

3. Si Fueras Mía (2021)

Yes, D.O. has a song in Spanish. He sounds amazing in any language. Let's enjoy this adorable love song.

4. I'm Gonna Love You (2021)

The production of his album "Empathy" is flawless. "I'm Gonna Love You" is a catchy and warm love song.

5. Tell Me (What Is Love) (2016)

We cannot leave without talking about this masterpiece. D.O. and Yoo Young Jin gave us the best collaboration ever. Their talent will blow your mind.

Which song is your favorite?

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