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The most iconic performances at the Mnet Asian Music Awards

Are you looking for some impressive music shows? The MAMA Awards have the best performances of the K-Pop artists. Let's enjoy some of them.

Some people call the Mnet Asian Music Awards the 'asian Grammys'. It is a fact that this annual event offers some of the greatest shows of the Korean industry.

No matter if your favorite doesn't win the prize you can still enjoy the night. All the guests will offer awesome performances. 

Today we are recalling some of the most iconic moments at the MAMA Awards. All the artists in the list are big names of K-Pop. They are experts at shocking the audiences with their music.

Unforgettable K-Pop performances at the MAMA Awards.

1. CL and 2NE1 - 2015

Let's start with the legendary group. CL was the only one to be announced to perform that night. When the rest of the members joined the stage one by one the crowd went crazy.

Unforutanly, this was the last performance of the members as an official group.

2. PSY and Hyuna - 2012

Gangnam Style was a global sensation. No matter where you are from, for sure you were dancing to this iconic song back then.

Just look at all those Korean singers having a good time with PSY. It is not getting old.

3. MAMAMOO - 2019

This is the most viewed girl groups performance at the MAMA Awards on Youtube. HIP by itself is great but the remix version was even more extraordinary.

For this performance MAMAMOO joined forces with the popular Korean singer J.Y. Park. Such a combo!

4. BIGBANG - 2015

Most of us are missing the performances of BIGBANG at the MAMA awards. Every year this group used to put on stage the greatest show of the night.

The singers of "Fantastic Baby" turned this event into their own concert.

5. BTS - 2016

Again we are in front of a group who conquered this event every single year. For this recommendation we chose the performances of 2016 because of the short solos and the legendary songs.

This version of "Fire" will cause you chills. BTS knows pretty well how to make the audience crazy.

Among all these performances, which one is your favorite?

Is BTS your favorite group? These talented Idols can perform adorable songs as well, check this article to know more about it.

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