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The most honest BTS songs that will help you to know more about its story

BTS is celebrating its 9th anniversary! Let's recall the best songs that are telling us the story of their successful career.

Nowadays, BTS is at the top of the global music industry. The power and popularity of the group are insane. These handsome men are changing the whole dynamic of the music world. How did they conquer the globe?

To understand this K-Pop phenomenon we need to talk about various factors such as the talent of the Idols, the strong relationship with the fans, social media, flawless Korean entertainment, perfect marketing strategies, and more.

However, Bangtan members put their unique styles and experiences into their music. Their honest thoughts and feelings are inside their albums, so ARMY can connect with them easily. They share almost everything with the public.

If you are trying to understand their journey through global success you need to check these tracks. The members participated in the production and lyrics of all these songs. Let's celebrate the BTS anniversary while enjoying its meaningful music!

The best songs to understand BTS' story

1. Answer : Love Myself (2018)

As you may know, self-love is a really important topic for BTS. The lyrics express how the fans helped the member to appreciate themselves.

You've shown me I have reasons, I should love myself.

2. Airplane pt.2 (2018)

The whole song tells us the story of the group. The Idols shared about their old days when they were just dreamers until their massive success and how they deal with it.

3. Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) (2022)

Despite being the most important group in the world, the members don't take for granted their success. Their latest single makes clear that they are still working hard.

Yeah, the past was honestly the best.

But my best is what comes next.

4. 'We are Bulletproof : the Eternal

This beautiful song talks about the hard days of the group. Even when no one was trusting them the members fight for their dreams. They have each other and ARMY's love to overcome the hardships.


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