AKMU for 'How People Move' AKMU for 'How People Move'

The most energetic AKMU songs that will brighten your day

This super talented duet has the best songs to make your mood better. You have to add these AKMU tracks to your playlist.

Is not that common to see relatives working together in the Korean music industry. However, AKMU is an exception that we all love. Changhyuk and Suhyun were the winners of the Tv show K-Pop Star and a couple of months later the talented siblings made their debut with YG Entertainment.

Since then, Akdong Musician has released just masterpieces. Changhyuk's skill to produce plus the sweet Suhyun's voice is the perfect combo to create any kind of music.

Today let's turn up the volume with their most cheerful songs. For sure, your mood will be way better after listening to these great tracks.

Perfect AKMU songs to brighten your day

1. 200% (2014)

When AKMU dropped this song the singers were really young. It is an adorable teenage love story. Be careful it's addictive.

2. Dinosaur (2017)

This was the first time that the duet tried an EDM beat and the result was amazing!

As always, AKMU is well known for its creativity. This song talks about the lovely childhood of the siblings.

3. Aien - 2020

Alien is the solo debut song of Lee Suhyun. No matter if she didn't work with her brother for the project, the track needs to be on the list.

The singer is recalling us that is okay to be different and making us dance at the same time.


Let's finish with this amazing hit. "How People Move" is a song simple and deep message at the same time.

It is a celebration of being alive. sing with AKMU: "I love how my body moves when a breath".

 Among all these awesome songs, which one is your favorite?

AKMU's latest album includes a collab with IU. Check these songs of the singer that you need in your 'to relax' playlist.

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