Harry Style for 'Falling' Harry Style for 'Falling'

The most emotive songs by Harry Styles that everyone can relate to

Harry Styles is not just a pop star but a talented songwriter. Here are the most emotive tracks of his career.

We all love the music of Harry Styles. But, Why does his music connect with everyone? We have a theory, this talented gentleman just creates honest songs. His feeling, though and experiences are inside every single song.

Of course, he got international popularity because of One Direction. However, his solo career sounds very different from his days in the boy band. Even his first solo album received the best reviews from critics.

Nowadays, the beloved Brit singer is famous for his unique style. No one can deny that we are in front of a hitmaker. The singles "Watermelon Sugar" and "As If Was" topped for Billboard chart for many weeks.

Anyways, the global public is also in love with his most emotional lyrics. Today we have for you some of the most beautiful songs of his career. Is pretty to relate to these awesome tracks. Here we go!

Emotive Harry Styles songs that everyone can relate to

1. Falling (2019)

Let's start with this beautiful breakup song. The piano introduction is perfect to explore the sadness of someone who is finishing a relationship.

2. Sweet Creature (2017)

The melody by itself is gorgeous. We also need to talk about the lyrics: 

Sweet creature. Wherever I go, you bring me home.

3. Matilda (2022)

This song is perfect to encourage everyone. Let's send the pain away and keep walking.

4. Cherry (2019)

We have another breakup song. Is not easy to see our ex in a new relationship. Harry Styles wrote the best song to explain this situation.

5. Sign of the Times (2017)

According to Styles, this song makes him cry sometimes. is hard to explain the lyrics, however, the music speaks for itself.

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