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The most emotional BTS singles that will touch your heart

Do you want to know the softest and emotive side of BTS? These songs work as a great introduction to their emotional music.

The K-Pop sensation BTS is working on new music to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Since their upcoming album is a compilation -and some new tracks as well-, we decided to select the best emotive singles of the group.

BTS is well known for their perfect and explosive performances. However, the members are constantly working in music that exposes their honest feelings.

These single tracks are real masterpieces that can move everyone's heart. Grab your tissue, and let's begin with the list.

The best singles to explore BTS emotional music

1. Spring Day (2017)

This is one of the most emotive songs in BTS' career. The personal stories of RM and Suga inspired the lyrics. 

According to the rappers they wrote this track thinking of the friends they miss. These beautiful songs can make you cry because all of us have lost someone, right?

At the same time, the music video has a deep meaning. Pay attention to the symbolisms on it.

2. Life Goes On (2020)

The pandemic situation was a huge problem for the global population. The lockdown and the sickness itself caused a big impact in our daily life.

BTS members were affected as well. The group released the album "BE" in order to bring a little bit of support to ARMY. "Life Goes On" is a soft and calm song that gives us hope because one day everything will be better.

3. Film Out (2021)

The lyrics of this track reflect the feeling of missing someone and use the vivid memories to overcome the pain.

This beautiful music video uses a neutral palette to wrap us up in a warm, and at the same time sad, mood.

Time is something we cannot control so we should value the moments we spend with the people we love.

In your opinion, what is the meaning of the music video?

What other BTS have touched your heart? We love Blue and Gray.

You need to be ready for BTS comeback, read this article with all the information about the upcoming album "Proof".

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