The most cheerful BLACKPINK songs that will lift your mood

Are you having a bad day? Don't worry, BLACKPINK has these great songs to make you forget all the concerns. Turn up the music and let's have a good time.

BLACKPINK's music is famous thanks to the characteristic girl crush style. All  the members  have a powerful stage presence. As soon as they step into the scenario we can feel their amazing confidence.

Nevertheless, the singers of "How You Like That" have revealed their playful personalities offstage. The adorable members enjoy joking around and have a good time together.

In order to honor their most cheerful side, today we have a compilation of the songs that reflect this aspect of the group. Are you ready to have a good time with BLACKPINK? Turn up the volume!

BLACKPINK songs that will brighten your day

1. Forever Young (2018)

No one can resist this addictive beat. Forever Young has easy choreography that everyone can follow.

Are you ready for the breakdance? Just stand up and follow the BLACKPINK rhythm.

2. Ice Cream - with Selena Gomez (2020)

This catchy song begins with the playful rimes of Lisa's rap and is mixed with the soft voice of Selena Gomez. It is a perfect 'chillin' song.

The music video is a festival of color. We also have to mention the great outfits of the members. Is not a surprise, it's BLACKPINK.

3. AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST (2017)

This song was the first cheerful single in BLACKPINK's career. We can  hear a retro keyboard on the beat.

Be careful with this track, the chorus is really catchy and it will leave in your mind forever.

What other BLACKPINK songs usually lift your mood? We love their collab with Cardi B for "Bet You Wanna".

Recently we got news that BLACKPINK is under Disney's radar. We are telling  you what happened.

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