Ariana  Grande for 'God is Woman' Ariana  Grande for 'God is Woman'

The most challenging Ariana Grande songs, try to imitate her awesome vocals

Ariana Grande is one of the best vocalists of the moment. Here are her most difficult tracks to sing.

When Ariana Grande's name appears in a conversation every single person on this planet has to mention her singing skills. The talented artist stands out thanks to her impressive vocal performances.

Her live shows never fail, she offers nothing but quality. Since Grande is a super-powerful singer, almost all her tracks are quite difficult. She usually adds many high-tone adlibs and vocal runs. That's why her performances are always so shocking.

However, there are a few songs that are even more complicated. Before starting with this insane list we need to warn you. If you do have not a light vocal range or you are a bigger singer, you have to be careful. These songs are a little bit dangerous.

On the other hand, maybe you just want to listen to her greatest tracks. Well, be ready for jaw-dropping vocals. These are the hardest songs of Ariana Grande's career. Are you ready? Turn up the volume!

The most difficult songs by Ariana Grande

1. Dangerous Woman (2016)

The whole song is perfect. However, the last chorus is sung in a higher range. Is not easy to get these notes. She is so powerful!

2. imagine (2019)

Let's start with the biggest challenge. As you may know. Ariana Grande is a whistle note master. Her voice is out of this world!

3. God Is A Woman (2018)

God Is A Woman is ver unique track. The strophes seem easy, and then, out of nowhere, Grande's high note appears at the end of the second bridge.

4. pov (2020)

The emotive song will make you feel chills. Again, the last chorus is higher that the rest of the track. Such a masterpiece!

5. Save Your Tears (Remix) - 2018

This is an original song by The Weeknd. Anyways, Grande added the most impressive whistle notes. This performance will blow your mind!

What other song should be on the list?

Ariana Grande is one of the best-selling singers in the world. Here are some of her most shocking records.  

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