Super Junior and Girls'Generation Super Junior and Girls'Generation

The longest-lived K-Pop groups that are still giving us super hits

These K-Pop groups have broken the seven years curse. They are still releasing music and their songs are amazing!

As you may know it's pretty difficult for a K-Pop group to survive in the industry. The competitive environment, the exhausting schedules, the controversies and the problem among the members or with the agencies.

All those factors can affect the career of the groups. However these artists have been working hard to keep their groups on the road. The experience doesn't fail, their music is great.

The oldest active K-Pop groups of the industry

1. Super Junior

Super Junior was one of the most important boy groups of the Hallyu wave. The singers of "Sorry Sorry" will be celebrating its 17th anniversary in November. Just a few months ago they released their beautiful ballad "Callin".

2. Girls' Generation

Let's talk about other K-Pop groups of SM Entertainment. Even if Girls Generation is on hiatus a comeback has been confirmed for this year. Since 2007, the singers of "Gee" have been ruling the industry.


Of course we have to talk about BIGBANG. Despite having multiple controversial moments this legendary group has too much else to offer. What is your favorite hit by the boy group?

4. Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006. This iconic girl group conquered the world with its super popular song "Abracadabra" in 2009.

No matter if the members are already in their 40s, their talent is not getting old. These ladies just release art.

What other group should be in this list?

There are a few artists that have successful solo careers at the same time while working with their groups. We have a solo songs recommendation for you.

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