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The largest K-Pop groups that have quality and quantity

If you think that having a lot of members in a K-Pop is a disadvantage, these talented artists will change your mind. Here are the largest groups ever.

Making a new friend could be difficult for too many people. Can you imagine what would happen if you suddenly have to share a house with more than 10 strangers? Well, these K-Pop groups face that situation a long time ago.

The groups from the 1st generation didn't have too many members. Four or five Idols in a group were the average. However, as a new marketing strategy, Super Junior brings a new standard with 13 members.

Since the groups became really successful, some other laber decided to try it as well. Nowadays, these groups are nothing but perfection. The Idols know how to explore their strengths for being a large group.

We are going to see amazing performances that only a group with too many artists can achieve. The synchronization among the members also are telling us how good is their chemistry. Quality and quantity can co-exist, here is the proof.

The largest K-Pop groups with the best performances

1. WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Cosmic Girls debuted in 2016 with 10 members. Their choreographies have the best visual effects. Just check this awesome track.

2. The Boyz

Even if the group lost one member, The Boyz is large with 11 Idols. Together on stage are wonderful! They have nothing but great performances.


This group has some of the most complicated performances in the industry. Despite having 12 Idols, LOONA members move like having just one soul.


The K-Pop sensation is well known for having an unbelievable synchronization. With 13 members, SEVENTEEN will conquer you with their powerful dance.

5. NCT

At the moment, NCT has 23 members. All of them work under different units, all together or in teams their music is awesome. Which NCT unit is your favorite?

Among all these great groups, which one is your favorite? We love all of them!

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