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The greatest solo songs by MAMAMOO members that you need on your playlist

Do you like MAMAMOO's music? If the answeres is yes, the you'll love the solo song of the members as well. These are their best tracks.

Named some of the best vocalists of K-Pop. Yes various of them are in the same group. Of course, we are talking g about MAMAMOO. In 2014 these talented ladies rocked the industry with their debut song "Mr. Ambiguous".

Almost immediately, the group caught the attention of the public thank to the flawless vocal performances. Trough their career the members proved to be all-rounded Idols. Thie charisma is always on point to conquer the crown.

Each member has a unique style. Solar vocals are super powerful. The raspy Hwasa's voice has a wide range. Meanwhile, Whee In singing skills are nothing but perfection. Last but not least, Moonbyul is a rapper who also has a melodic voice.

They have given us tons of hits such as "HIP", "gogobebe" and "Dingga". If you want to enjoy more of the charisma of each member you have to listen to their solo music. Be careful, you'll become a MOOMOO after these great songs.

The best solo song by the members of MAMAMOO

1. Make Me Happy - Whee In

Whee In changed agency last year. Immediately, she dropped this great track. This melody is soft and sweet just like her voice. It is a perfect love song.

2. Lunatic - Moonbyul

Moonbyul promoted this song at the same time her teammate did with the previous song. Here we can see the different styles among MAMAMOO members.

Lunatic is playful and energetic. These lyrics explore the true personality of the rapper.

3. HONEY - Solar

Solar is one of the most powerful voices of K-Pop. In this song, she shows her most sophisticated side and her cheerful charisma at the same time.

4. Maria - Hwasa

Who doesn't know this viral track? This is not just a catchy song, here Hwasa shared her most vulnerable side.

The lyrics describe the reaction of the Idol to the hate comments. For sure needs to be on your playlist.

What other solo tracks by the members of MAMAMOO do you love?

The summer is coming! These SISTAR songs will give you a lot of energy.

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