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The greatest covers by IU that will make you fall in love with her voice

The super K-Pop star IU is an awesome singer. These flawless covers will conquer your sense of hearing.

IU has one of the most successful careers in Korean music. Her love and passion for work are something that you can feel in her songs.

However, this talented singer and actress also appreciate the good projects of some of her colleagues. She has given us too many amazing covers but today we are talking about the best ones.

These songs are from K-Pop boy groups but her interpretations will make you feel like she is the original artist. Let's enjoy her beautiful voice!

The best K-Pop covers by IU

1. Sherlock - SHINee

IU's talent is not a joke. She can control even a powerful song like this. SHINee loved it and you will for sure.

2. Darl+ing - SEVENTEEN

Recently, SEVENTEEN was the gust of IU's show "Palette". The singer prepared a beautiful version of "Darl+ing". You are gonna meltdown just like the Idols did.

3. Spring Day & Life Goes On - BTS

IU has a good taste for sure. She chose two of the most beautiful songs of BTS. We couldn't imagine how good these melodies sound in her voice.

IU is the master of covers in Korea. What other song you would like to listen to sung by her?

IU's encounter with SEVENTEEN was adorable. Read this article to know more about it.

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