SPICA for 'You Don't Love Me' SPICA for 'You Don't Love Me'

The greatest K-Pop songs with jazz vibes that you need on your playlist

These talented K-Pop artists have the best retro songs. Let's enjoy their amazing jazz-inspired music!

Korean entertainment music is growing every single day. The Hallyu wave is already dominating the global industry. Since it is now a massive phenomenon, there are also tons of different South Korean artists with a lot of styles to offer.

Is quite common to see the retro concept in the music videos of our favorites Idols. However, just a few singers can recreate the vibes of the complicated genre of Jazz. Of course, they will contribute with their own colors and styles to build a whole new experience.

Today we are recalling the best K-Pop tracks that were inspired by jazz. All these artists have something in common: they are super talented and have awesome voices that can easily dominate the difficult jazz sounds.

Here you'll find a lot of great music with references to jazz, R&B, and the powerful big bands that cannot be out of this conversation. Are you ready to meet some of the most talented Korean singers? Here we go.

The best K-Pop songs inspired by Jazz

1. You Don't Love Me - SPICA

Unforutanly, these talented ladies took different roads in 2017. Anyways, this great song is not getting old. Their awesome voices fit perfectly with the big band music.

2. My Star - Lee Hi

It was not easy to choose among "", "It's Over" and this great song. However, the musical arrangement of My Start is wonderful. Lee Hi's voice is the best for R&B. Turn up the music!

3. Something - TVXQ

This track is quite different from the rest of the list. Here the members of TVXQ made a powerful performance to the rhythm of a big band. Such a masterpiece!

4. Piano Man - MAMAMOO

The rookie days of MAMAMOO were great for jazz lovers. The powerful singers dropped various songs with this influence. We chose Piano Man today, however, we have an honorific mention for "Mr. Ambiguous", "AHH OOP" and the whole album "Melting".

Is there another Jazzy K-Pop track that should be on the list?

Do you want to know more about Lee Hi's music? These tracks will make you fall for her beautiful voice.

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