Dua Lipa for 'Futture Nostalgia' Dua Lipa for 'Futture Nostalgia'

The greatest Dua Lipa performances you need to know from the 'Future Nostalgia' era

The pop star Dua Lipa made us dance with her awesome album "Future Nostalgia". Her performances during this era will blow your mind!

Dua Lipa has been dominating the global chart for the last few years. The talented lady has nothing but hits on her discography. We are in front of a songwriter that offers the greatest songs to play at the party.

However, at the begging of her career, the British singer received hard critics because of her stage presence. Back then the singer of "New Rules" wasn't the best dancer and her vocals didn't feel stable. Well, she is showing us that we all can improve our abilities.

In 2020 the world couldn't avoid dancing to the retro album "Future Nostalgia". With this project, Lipa showed the best of her color recalling the most iconic sounds of the 80s. It dominated the Billboard charts for almost the whole pandemic months.

During this period, the gorgeous singer gave the nest of herself in the scenarios. For sure, even the skeptic ones fell in love with her endless charisma. We have for you the best performances of the album.

Awesome Dua Lipa performances, 'Future Nostalgia' era

1. Future Nostalgia Medley - BRIT Awards

The production of this show was insane! The best scenario ever!

2. Levitating - AMA's 2020

Do you want to see Dua Lipa flying? Well, she prepared this show to shock the world.

3. Don't Start Now - MTV EMAs

Dua Lipa is a genius.  The art of this performance is very interesting. The dancer's silhouettes and the yellow light create an amazing visual effect.

4. Boys Will Be Boys - Women In Music 2020

It's time for her voice to be in the spotlight. Her unique style is admired by millions all over the world. Here she shines like never before.

5. Levitating and Don't Start Now - Grammys 2021

This is one of the best shows of her entire career. Everything was perfect, the outfits, her voice, the coolest dance, and her engaging charisma. Turn up the volume!

What other performance should be on the list?

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