MAMAMOO for 'Waggy' MAMAMOO for 'Waggy'

The funniest MAMAMOO's songs to celebrate its anniversary with positive energy

MAMAMOO is celebratinjg its 8th anniversary! These tracks have the best energy to join the join MOOMOO's party.

On June 18th the world welcomed one of the most talented girl groups in K-Pop history. Yes, we are talking about MAMAMOO, the queens of the vocal performances. They shocked the industry with an uncommon debut song, "Mr. Ambiguous".

Immediately, the group caught the attention with their beautiful voices. As you may know, all the members are well known for being powerful singers. Their interpretations are flawless and can make a crowd cray or dance according to the song.

On the other hand, these talented ladies have super playful personalities. They are loud and cheerful most of the time. If you want to have a good time, you should watch MAMAMOO's shows, they're very funny.

Their music reflects the energetic personalities of the members. They have dropped various songs with lyrics with tons of jokes or funny situations. Let's celebrate its 8th anniversary with those great tracks. Turn up the volume!

The funniest MAMAMO songs to celebrate its anniversary

1. AZE GAG (2017)

This track is not easy to understand if don't know Korean. The lyrics have tons of dad jokes. However, the rhythm, and performance of the members are really fun.

2. 1CM (Taller than you) (2016)

MAMAMOO members used to joke a lot about who is the shortest of the group. Yes, they made a song with this joke. Such a masterpiece!

3. Um Oh Ah Yeh (2015)

Their creativity is not a joke. In this music video, the members presented the male version to share a hilarious story. Also, this song was famous for the different ad-libs the group dropped for every performance, all them super funny.

4. Waggy (2019)

This iconic song was made for MAMAMOO's pets. it explores how happy we are with our furry cute little friends. They are so sweet! This performance is adorable.

Did you know that Moonbyul produced MAMAMOO's song AYA? Here are some other K-Pop tracks produced by female Idols.

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