TWICE for 'What is Love?' TWICE for 'What is Love?'

The best TWICE songs with cute concepts, these tracks will brighten your day

Are you a cute concept lover? If the answer is yes, then, these iconic songs by TWICE were made for you.

TWICE is coming back! The upcoming album "BETWEEN1&2" might be taking back the cute concept of the K-Pop sensation. As you may know, since its rookie days, the group conquered millions of hearts thanks to its adorable but cheerful image.

The members were pretty young back then, so this type of style suits them perfectly. Let's be honest their personalities also are adorable. These beautiful Idols are playful and lovely at the same time.

Nowadays, they have been using a more mature style. Many music videos are showing that they are not babies anymore. In "I Can't Stop Me" they are sophisticated young women, and "Alcohol-Free" is presenting their sexy side.

Anyways, many fanatics are missing the cute concept. Are you part of this club? Well, you are in the correct place. Here are some of the most adorable songs of the group. Be ready for their cuteness overload.

The cutest songs by TWICE

1. What is Love? (2018)

The members watching love movies to find out the meaning of love are really cute. Also, they look like treu princess in the music video.

2. CHEER UP (2016)

We need to talk about this classic. Sana's line, "Shy shy shy" became a global sensation. The choreography is energetic but lovely at the same time.

3. TT (2016)

Even the title is cute. T T is a popular emoji in Korea. It represents someone crying. We have to mention the adorable intro and Dahyun being the cutest bunny ever.

4. KNOCK KNOCK (2017)

Here comes another lovely choreography. TWICE released the best teenage love songs.

5. Signal (2017)

Finally, we have this super catchy single. Here are the cutest girls with superpowers.

What other song should be on the list?

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