SEVENTEEN's DK and Seungkwan SEVENTEEN's DK and Seungkwan

The best SEVENTEEN songs to enjoy Seungkwan and DK's beautiful voices

Are you looking for a great vocalist? SEVENTEEN has two of the most talented singer of the moment. Don't you believe us? Just check these amazing songs.

Why is SEVENTEEN so popular? Well, there are too many factors that made the group the second best seller K-Pop artist. All the members are very handsome and have a lot of charisma on and off stage.

However, nothing is more important than their giant talent. As you may know, the singers of "Ready To Love" are well known for their unbelievable synchronization. The 13 members move like having just a soul during their complicated choreographies.

At the same time, every Idol of this group has a perfect vocal technique. Their live shows sound even better than the recorded versions. Among all these brilliant singers, the main vocalists stand out with their powerful voices.

We are talking about DK and Seungkwan, two of the greatest voices in the Korean industry. They shine in every single song that SEVENTEEN drops. Anyways, today we are collecting the best ones to enjoy specifically their wonderful singing skills. Let's start!

SEVENTEEN songs to enjoy the voices of the main vocalists

1. Don't listen in secret (2016)

Let's start with this emotional song by the Vocal Team. All the members sound perfect but DK and Seungkwan voices will make you feel chills. They're so talented!

2. Go! - DK (2022)

DK worked on this special song for the Original Soundtrack of the popular K-Drama "Twenty-Five, Twenty-One". His powerful but sweet voice fits perfectly with the energetic track.

3. Go - Seumgkwan (2020)

Yes, Seungkwan also has a song named Go. However, the OTS for "Record Of Youth" has a softer vibe. We can't decide which one is better.

4. Say Yes (2016)

Is not easy to believe that this beautiful song was released when the members were rookies. After watching this performance you'll be pretty sure that DK and Seugkwan were born to be on the stage.

CARAT, after listing to these songs, are you okay?

What other SEVENTEEN songs should be on the list?

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