Kim Hee Sun for 'Tomorrow' Kim Hee Sun for 'Tomorrow'

The best Lim Hee Sun K-Dramas to watch if you liked 'Tomorrow'

The popular show "Tomorrow" has finished. Don't worry, Kim Hee Sun has too many good options for you to watch after this K-Drama.

"Tomorrow" is a  K-Drama  that follows the story of a group of grim reapers that tries to help people that want to die. Here we met the death angel Koo Ryeon played by Kim Hee Sun.

We know that it was one of your favorites. Now that the show has come to an end and you are looking for something new to watch, it's time to see more of the career of this talented actress.

Kim Hee Sun has been in the industry for too many years and every single project she chooses is great. We have for you the best options. Let's dive into her career.

K-Dramas starring Kim Hee Sun to watch after 'Tomorrow'.

1. Alice - 2020

Let's start with this sci-fiction drama. For this show she is the agent Yoon Tae Yi. She works for the time travel agency Alice

She dies in a uncler incident but she prepared everything for her son to solve the mystery. It sounds great, right?

'Alice' poster / By @KpoperosO

2. Angry Mom - 2015

This show has an awesome plot. The actress took the role of a mother named Jo Kang Ja. She got pregnant when she was a teenager.

Too many year later her daughter is being bullied at the High School. After the harassment her daughter gets really hurt and the protagonist decides to enroll at the school to look for justice. 

'Angry Mom' poster / By @BPerempuan

3. Room No. 9 - 2018

Are you looking for another fantasy show? Then, this one's for you. Kim Hee Sun portraysthe manipulative lawyer Eulji Hae Yi.

She will changes body with a old lady accused of murder. The acting skills of these actresses are not a joke. The best mystery show to watch.

'Room No. 9' poster / By @BibimbapDramas

4. Faith - 2012

Let's finish with a K-Drama full of romance, action and a great story. The actress joined forces with Lee Min Ho for this show.

She is the doctor Yoo Eun Soo, and suddenly she gets kidnapped and travels back in time to the Goryo age. There she will fall in love with a handsome general.

'The Great Doctor' poster / By @MaradeJessNava9

Have you watched some of these K-Dramas?

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