The best Korean pop-rock bands that you should listen to right now

Do you want to rack with the best Korean musicians? You need to listen to these great bands

The Hallyu wave is dominating the global industry. Korean entertainment is offering the best content. Of course, on the front line is the catchy K-Pop. The gorgeous Idols and their flawless choreographies are acclaimed by the public from all nationalities.

Is impossible not t fall at least for one of the coll tracks we can find in this genre. However, there are too many music genres with a lot of talented Korean artists. Here you can find some of the most popular pop-rock bands.

Almost all of the bands on this list have many years of experience in this game. Is time to add them to your playlist. Rock is a giant word, so we have for you bands that have different styles and even genres.

These artists have very interesting discographies. One of these tracks could be the perfect way to introduce you to your new favorite band. You will find just quality in this article. Are you ready? Here we go!

The greatest Korean pop-rock bands


Lest's start with this legendary band of the Hallyu wave. CNBLUE debuted in 2009. Its pop is very versatile, just listen to their recent single Love Cut.

2. Hyukoh

This interesting band has a unique indie style. Hyukoh debuted in 2013 one of its popular songs is the addictive Comes And Goes. It is awesome!


We are in front of another legend. The vocalist of the band Lee Hong Ki is one of the best rock singers in the industry. Turn up the volume, FTISLAND is here!

4. N.Flying

This band loves to try experimental sounds. N.Flying has the coolest pop-rock. Moonshot is so good. Don't you believe us? the band will change your mind.

5. DAY6

This band debuted in 2015. Right now DAY6 is on hiatus, but you can get into their wonderful discography. Today let's listen to the beautiful track Zombie.

All these bands have different styles. Which one do you like the most?

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